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Iron Danger is currently in development by the team behind Action Squad Studios. They are an experienced team that have brought you games such as Angry Birds, Boom Beach, Bad Piggies and Quantum Break. All videos and images below are from Pre Alpha footage.

So Who Are They?

Sami Timonen: Creative Director & Founder
Konsta Klemetti: CEO & Co Founder
Heikki-Pekka Noronen: Lead Programmer
Lauri Härsilä: Programmer
Joel Sammallahti: Lead Writer & Level Designer
Harro Grönberg: Producer & Level Designer
Jussi Kemppainen: Game Director & Technical Director
Jukka-Pekka Lyytinen: Art Lead & Tech Artist
Antti Kemppainen: Designer & Concept Artist
Sakari Leppä: 3D Artist
Lance Baker: Character Artist

What Is Iron Danger?

Iron Danger is a tactical story driven RPG. It is based on Nordic mythology. Think Lord of the Rings meets Transformers. That peek your interest? It should!

Iron Danger Pre Alpha Gameplay

The game will be a cross platform release and include graphic novels. Here is the official description.

In the magical world of Kalevala, the heroes of this nature respecting civilization must face the dark forces of the Northland who plan on taking over their realm. The game follows an ordinary citizen of Kalevala as he/she rises to take on the North by collecting missing pieces of an ancient, powerful totem.

This will be a tactical action adventure game set in a world of magic and machinery. You become imbued with a cosmic power that grants dominion over time and death. You must use this power correctly for mankind’s protection. You will fight against relentless enemies, outnumbered and outmatched. You will not be safe, you will die, repeatedly. You cannot let that stop you!

The World

Kalevala has been mentioned, so it’s only fair I explain what that is. It is the capital city of humanity. Ruled by the demigod Antheor with the council of elders. It is protected by soldiers and warrior shamans. A bustling, vibrant metropolis where human ingenuity and the patterns of nature coexist.

The Northlands are enslaved by the witch Queen Lowhee, heir to the black artifices of the machine god kertenak. Armies of half human , half-construct reavers and the life-hating hordes of razics and ahmos creep southwards , subjugating and burning their way towards the heart of human lands.

The wilderness surrounds Kalevala. It is untamed and unmapped. Small towns of fishers and farmers can be found drawing sustenance from nature. The woods and seas are home to spirits and primal beasts from ages preceeding human habitation. Every winding game path, thicket and crack between hills can be a path to the hidden side of the woodlands, where time and life follow different laws.

Iron Danger Pre Alpha Gameplay

Before the spread of humanity, a race of predecessors delved into the Earth and drew power from the skies and constructed great temples which have long fallen to ruin and sunken underground. They house artifacts that are incomprehensible to human beings.

More Updates to Come!

Iron Danger sounds like it has all the right elements to be a success. If you are interested in learning more about the progress of this game you can stay tuned right here on our platform or head over to the Iron Danger website. You can also follow Iron Danger and Action Squad Studios on twitter.

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