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Streets of Rage 2

With DotEmu announcing Streets of Rage 4 in conjunction with Sega, we at Orange Bison have decided to write a retrospective of the original Mega Drive/Genesis games. Last week we started with the original now it is time for the sequel Streets of Rage 2. Image from One year after the defeat of Mr X, the trio of heroes from the original games have all gone back to their day jobs. Adam has...[Read More]

Lonely Sun – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand

Explore gravity in the furthest reaches of space and become the creator of your very own solar system.

Lonely Sun – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand Review

Even just loading Lonely Sun leaves you with a good feeling. It’s just so pretty. The gentle JJ Abrams style solar flare, the geometric yet beautiful objects and the use of tone to give a feeling of texture and depth. Lonely Sun is set in the cold lonely depths of space where solar systems exist without the warm fuzzy glow (or gaseous burning fire) of their very own sun. The object of the game is ...[Read More]

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