Zorkron Review

Zorkron is the newest game from Gigoia Studios. It is pitched as a Short Sci-Fi Puzzle / Platform 3D Game in three acts; I will now dissect this pitch word by word: Short This is a very accurate part of the pitch; Zorkron has very little gameplay time, able to knock it out in maybe 20 minutes or so. It is very linear with nearly nothing to overcome in each of the three “acts”. Sci-Fi This part is ...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky... A game that might have bitten off more than it can chew. Or did we expect too much?

No Man’s Sky Review

No Man’s Sky is the game that every Sci-Fi gamer has been waiting for. You have the chance to feel like Matthew McConaughey as well as explore a universe of 18 quintillion planets (now that is astounding). You can name planets as well as entire solar systems, you get the chance to name aliens as well, in the universe of No Man’s Sky you truly are able to act as God and you are able to travel as mu...[Read More]

Duskers Review

Tim Keenan and Holly Keenan are a married couple who have founded the independent game studio ‘Misfits Attic’. One of their titles is Duskers – a tactical survival game with elements of horror. So I load up the game and suddenly I’m hit with what looks like the boot screen for my PC. Immediately all I can think about is Alien, where Ripley was talking to MOTHER using a green command line interface...[Read More]


The Universe has become a giant graveyard. You are a drone operator. Search derelict ships to find out what happened. Be warned though, you are not alone.

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