A casual Japanese runner game to heal your heart.

Montaro Review

Another week, another… oh a runner game? What’s this? Ah… This one appears to be Japanese. Montaro is a simple pixel-based platformer with a bright, colourful art style. The gist of the objective is to free run straight, trying to stay alive and avoid all obstacles. With a few creative liberties of course. I’m referring to taking school girl’s panties for health. Well, you do play a cute corgi so ...[Read More]

Cat Cave

A platform runner game where as a cat you must dodge enemies and collect treats.

Cat Cave Review

Cat Cave: Attack of the Batworms, is a quirky endless runner created by Astire Games, an independent company based in Texas, focusing on making mobile, Web and Virtual Reality games. They started 2016 with the aim to make a game a month, their first few games were created in 30 days or less. Their games include: Splashdash Bones, Color Bounce, Ice Breakout and Cat Cave. These games are either avai...[Read More]

Monument Rush 2 Review

Monument Rush 2 is a 2.5D endless runner on IOS and Android. My first impression of this game was ‘OH MY GOD, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!’ and my impression after an hour of gameplay was ‘OH MY GOD, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!’. And that is the issue I have with this game. You don’t really ever know how well you’re going to do as the level could screw you over and you can’t really affect...[Read More]

Monument Rush 2 Images

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