Streets of Rage 2

With DotEmu announcing Streets of Rage 4 in conjunction with Sega, we at Orange Bison have decided to write a retrospective of the original Mega Drive/Genesis games. Last week we started with the original now it is time for the sequel Streets of Rage 2. Image from One year after the defeat of Mr X, the trio of heroes from the original games have all gone back to their day jobs. Adam has...[Read More]

Review – Bitmap Books Presents: The Art of Point and Click Adventure Games

As a rather precocious child, I had taught myself to read before I even started school. It was therefore the decision of the small little village school I attended all those years ago, to pop me on the computer and let me play a few simple, educational games (or whatever the teachers could find) and free reign of the school library while the other children learnt the alphabet. Between playing Gran...[Read More]

Interview – Bitmap Bureau

Orange Bison had the pleasure to speak to Mike Tucker from Bitmap Bureau to talk about his up and coming game Xeno Crisis. Orange Bison: Can you tell us about your project? Bitmap Bureau: Well, Xeno Crisis is a new game originally designed for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis which takes a lot of inspiration from Smash TV but also throws in elements of Mercs, Shock Troopers, The Chaos Engine, Skeleto...[Read More]

Streets of Rage

With the announcement of DotEmu’s new game “Streets of Rage 4” we at Orange Bison have decided to take a look back at one of the most popular franchises of the 16 bit Generation starting off with the 1991 release of Streets of Rage for the Sega Mega Drive. Released in 1991 during the Arcade craze, Streets of Rage was vying for the title of top Beat ‘em up’; its main challengers were Capcom’s and N...[Read More]

NEWSFLASH – PlayStation Classic Announced

Sony have joined the race and stole the limelight for this years classic console from Nintendo and announced today the PlayStation Classic; a mini version of the iconic PlayStation 1 console that is going to be out in time for the Christmas season. Sony have announced the console will come with 20 games pre-loaded, with the full lineup yet to be announced, but with so many classics available on th...[Read More]

The Rise and Rise of Retro Gaming

Just what is it about the retro gaming scene that is so engaging gamers, collectors and an entirely new generation all at the same time? All you need to do to get an insight in to the rise of retro gaming is to google the term ‘retro gaming’. It is huge and the reasons for this are varied. Why are people blowing their hard earned cash on games that are 30-40 years old? What makes the search for ol...[Read More]

Interview – Mega Cat Studios

Mega Cat Studios are a retro and current gen game development studio based in Pittsburgh USA. What is interesting about MCS is the fact that the games that are created for original retro systems, get full box packaging and artwork, and a full colour manual just like you would have received back in the day; while still also releasing on modern day formats that current generation gamers would be fam...[Read More]

NEWSFLASH – Log Jammers Kickstarter Goes LIVE

From Mega Cat Studios comes the latest in a long line of games, LOG JAMMERS! Log Jammers is a retro feel competitive arcade sports game featuring axe-throwing, blade catching action with multiple characters to choose from and a multitude of different arenas to compete in.The game is ready for release on PC, and NES for the retro gamers who like to collect new cartridges, with a standard option or ...[Read More]


HyperZone is a Mode-7 on rail shooter produced by Hal Laboratory (of Kirby fame) in 1991. It was one of the few shoot em ups that fully utilized the Mode-7 graphics. Have you ever wanted to play a shooter that looks and sounds like F-Zero with the difficulty of Gradius? Then HyperZone is your game. The plot of Hyperzone is that in the distant future, Earth has become an uninhabitable world. Leader...[Read More]

Sonic Classic Heros Rom Hack

DISCLAIMER: Roms, Hacking, and Emulation may require legal permission from the copyright or IP holder. Orange Bison cannot be held responsible for any consequences of the inappropriate use of roms, hacks or emulation. Please check your national or local laws before downloading or using. Have you ever played Sonic Heroes and wondered how well the team mechanic would transfer to the 2D Sonic the Hed...[Read More]


There is something special and quite mesmerising about playing a vintage game on modern equipment. I don’t mean via an emulator…this is the real deal. Jason Aldred has managed to be the first developer to release a C64 game on Steam. He has also released the game in physical formats in the form of cassette, disc and cartridge for those who fancy a real old school experience. There are even s...[Read More]

Celestial Mechanica Review

Upon searching for an indie game to do my first ever proper review on, I knew it needed to be something interesting and exciting that others would want to check out. I surfed around a bit and looked at many, many, MANY, game trailers before discovering Celestial Mechanica, a little 2D Pixel Platformer made by Roger Hicks, of rComplex, and Paul Veer, the animator of Super Crate Box. In short- it is...[Read More]

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