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Interview – Retro Princess

When we here at Orange Bison think of awesome female Twitch streamers with amazing hair, one name usually comes to mind… Unfortunately Aravelle was busy, so we had to make do with interviewing Retro Princess instead. Talented and beautiful, Retro Princess is on the way to being able to accurately pronounce both of these words and is well on her way to becoming a major player in the UK retro ...[Read More]

Interview – Mr Biffo/Paul Rose

Editors Note: We should emphasise that the humour within this article and within the external links, may be of a nature that is NSFW or unsuitable for those who are small children. Or older children. Or some adults. Or those of a sensitive nature or with medical conditions…just don’t say we didn’t warn you! Foreword by Hannah Cass and Interview by Martin Harder. BAFTA award nominated writer ...[Read More]

Streets of Rage 3

With the announcement of DotEmu’s new game Streets of Rage 4, we at Orange Bison have decided to give this series a retrospective. Last time out we looked at Streets of Rage 2 now it is time for the finale: Streets of Rage 3. With Streets of Rage 3 there are two main opinions amongst the player base. The easiest way to describe it is to compare it to Marmite; some players love it and others hate i...[Read More]

The Rise and Rise of Retro Gaming

Just what is it about the retro gaming scene that is so engaging gamers, collectors and an entirely new generation all at the same time? All you need to do to get an insight in to the rise of retro gaming is to google the term ‘retro gaming’. It is huge and the reasons for this are varied. Why are people blowing their hard earned cash on games that are 30-40 years old? What makes the search for ol...[Read More]

Roms and Emulation – Part 3

Disclaimer: Downloading ROMs for games you don’t already legally own is very naughty. You should be ashamed of yourself! Neither Orange Bison nor anybody involved with the site will be held responsible if bad stuff happens to you as a result. I love Sega. No other big company seems to understand the appeal of retro gaming better than they do. Not only have they released a whole heap of their...[Read More]

Coffee Crisis

Coffee Crisis is a neo brawler developed and published by a studio in Pittsburgh called Mega Cats Studio. The game was funded using the Kickstarter website; originally looking for $10,000, M.C.S smashed that total by a whopping $5,000! The idea for the game came from the two owners (Nick and Ashley) of the Black Forge Coffee House in Pittsburgh during a fundraiser for the the UPMC Children’s...[Read More]


I suspect if you’re reading this then you might like a wee bit of the 16-bit. Tanglewood has been developed by Big Evil Corporation and coincidentally is released today on both Steam and Cartridge for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. We initially interviewed the creator of Tanglewood Matt Phillips back in March 2017. You can read that with delight here. The most interesting thing of note about Tanglew...[Read More]

NEWSFLASH – Spyro Merchandise

Numskull is proud to present the new Spyro the Dragon range to celebrate the remastered release of the Spyro trilogy on consoles and PC. The range is carefully thought out and really diverse with an appeal to retro and new fans alike. Everything from keyrings to clothing, watches to mugs…there’s definitely something for everyone within the range. The full listings are as follows: Scale...[Read More]


HyperZone is a Mode-7 on rail shooter produced by Hal Laboratory (of Kirby fame) in 1991. It was one of the few shoot em ups that fully utilized the Mode-7 graphics. Have you ever wanted to play a shooter that looks and sounds like F-Zero with the difficulty of Gradius? Then HyperZone is your game. The plot of Hyperzone is that in the distant future, Earth has become an uninhabitable world. Leader...[Read More]


There is something special and quite mesmerising about playing a vintage game on modern equipment. I don’t mean via an emulator…this is the real deal. Jason Aldred has managed to be the first developer to release a C64 game on Steam. He has also released the game in physical formats in the form of cassette, disc and cartridge for those who fancy a real old school experience. There are even s...[Read More]

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