Do you ever play a game and immediately feel a little bit of nostalgia? I managed to get my hands on a copy of Portarius and yes it did remind me of Portal but only for a second. I immediately remembered playing a game many many years ago on the TV through Sky Entertainment. Does anyone else remember when Sky done this? It had games like Beehive Bedlam. Anyway… I can’t for the life of ...[Read More]


A short sci-fi puzzle / platform game in three acts.

Zorkron Review

Zorkron is the newest game from Gigoia Studios. It is pitched as a Short Sci-Fi Puzzle / Platform 3D Game in three acts; I will now dissect this pitch word by word: Short This is a very accurate part of the pitch; Zorkron has very little gameplay time, able to knock it out in maybe 20 minutes or so. It is very linear with nearly nothing to overcome in each of the three “acts”. Sci-Fi This part is ...[Read More]

Fun With Letters

A word building puzzler pitting your wits against the clock.

Fun With Letters Review

If you’ve seen my broadcasts or Twitter feed, you may know that I’m a sucker for a puzzle game. I started out on text adventures in the 80’s and cant resist trying out anything to do with problem solving, puzzles or word games. I relished the thought of reviewing a puzzler and so I leapt at the chance here with Fun With Letters. Fun With Letters is an iOS compatible game in the s...[Read More]

Selma and the Wisp Review

Toucan studio is based in Poland and recently brought us their first game which is inspired by such titles as Limbo or Badlands. The player follows Selma who is accompanied by Wisp – an atmospheric ghost light seen by travellers at night. The mechanism reminds me a little bit of Child of light – a girl which has a faithful firefly following around and helping to overcome challenges. The system in ...[Read More]

Selma and the Wisp

A Puzzle platformer with an innovative control mechanism and beautiful visuals.

Adventure Lamp

An epic puzzle/ platformer with hat physics.

Adventure Lamp Review

Adventure Lamp is an epic puzzle platformer game that was developed by Ryan Davis. Currently on Steam for $11.99, Adventure Lamp offers the player to experience the fun of a platformer game with the fun addition of hat physics. Prepare to use your hat to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and survive against impossible odds in this fun game. I have to say that Adventure Lamp has to be one of the most e...[Read More]

Sleepy Mouse

Cheese bouncing, mouse feeding, trap dodging puzzle game.

Sleepy Mouse Review

Sleepy Mouse is the first iOS mobile game of Start Get Ready© and has launched today, Tuesday the 9th of August 2016. The aim of the game is to not allow Sleepy Mouse to “wake up hangry” (for those who don’t know this is a portmanteau of the words hungry and angry, and is a very real experience I can assure you) by giving him a wheel of cheese before he wakes. This is done through physics based pu...[Read More]

Galactic Echoes

Galactic Echoes...the puzzle game where your skills unlock the story.

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