Relentless Rex is on Kickstarter! Please Don’t Eat Me!

Relentless Rex certainly does have a sense of humour. I suppose I should start by saying that he sent a messenger in the form of Kevin Wynns. I was then “encouraged” to write this post and let you all know of the Relentless Rex Kickstarter without having to threaten my consumption. Proof below! Definitely a sure fire way to grab my attention! I highly encourage you to watch the trailer...[Read More]

Lonely Sun – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand

Explore gravity in the furthest reaches of space and become the creator of your very own solar system.

Lonely Sun – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand Review

Even just loading Lonely Sun leaves you with a good feeling. It’s just so pretty. The gentle JJ Abrams style solar flare, the geometric yet beautiful objects and the use of tone to give a feeling of texture and depth. Lonely Sun is set in the cold lonely depths of space where solar systems exist without the warm fuzzy glow (or gaseous burning fire) of their very own sun. The object of the game is ...[Read More]


A short sci-fi puzzle / platform game in three acts.

Montaro Review

Another week, another… oh a runner game? What’s this? Ah… This one appears to be Japanese. Montaro is a simple pixel-based platformer with a bright, colourful art style. The gist of the objective is to free run straight, trying to stay alive and avoid all obstacles. With a few creative liberties of course. I’m referring to taking school girl’s panties for health. Well, you do play a cute corgi so ...[Read More]

Selma and the Wisp Review

Toucan studio is based in Poland and recently brought us their first game which is inspired by such titles as Limbo or Badlands. The player follows Selma who is accompanied by Wisp – an atmospheric ghost light seen by travellers at night. The mechanism reminds me a little bit of Child of light – a girl which has a faithful firefly following around and helping to overcome challenges. The system in ...[Read More]

Selma and the Wisp

A Puzzle platformer with an innovative control mechanism and beautiful visuals.

Cats Are Liquid

A 2D Adventure Platformer about a cat that can turn into liquid!

Cats Are Liquid Review

I suppose this game is the result of a strange conjunction of minimalist environments, solid platforming, and a cute cat. The end result? A satisfying cat platformer. The premise of this game is you play a cat who has the interesting ability to turn into liquid. This introduces another level of complexion which trumps other titles that share the genre. As you progress through the levels, there are...[Read More]

Adventure Lamp

An epic puzzle/ platformer with hat physics.

Adventure Lamp Review

Adventure Lamp is an epic puzzle platformer game that was developed by Ryan Davis. Currently on Steam for $11.99, Adventure Lamp offers the player to experience the fun of a platformer game with the fun addition of hat physics. Prepare to use your hat to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and survive against impossible odds in this fun game. I have to say that Adventure Lamp has to be one of the most e...[Read More]

Rot Gut

A Noir platformer taking place in the 1920s. It's up to you as the agent to delve deeper into the underworld's organisation!

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