Top 10 Spooky Halloween Retro Games

As Halloween is upon us and lots of spooky things are happening all around, we thought it would be good to list our a top 10 retro games to play on Halloween, to make it fair this isn’t just a list of games as chosen by us, but ones chosen for by some of our followers on Twitter. Frightmare Platforms: C64, MS DOS, ZX Spectrum Developer: Floppy Publisher: Accolade (US), Cascade Games (UK) Released ...[Read More]

An Interview with J. Pinal and the Irreverent Software Team Behind 3AM Dead Time

Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever heard voices in the middle of the night as you restlessly try to fall asleep? Maybe things have gone missing in your house or suddenly moved across the room. Or even worse… you may have experienced  an Alien Abduction! Or a violent attack by shadow creatures! What ever your experience is with ghosts, creatures of the night, etc, we have all heard dis...[Read More]


A horror game that will make you sleep with the lights on.

Outlast Review

Outlast is probably one of the most popular horror indie games that we have today, it won the best PC game, best horror game and best indie game in 2013 and still to this day entertains everyone three years on. Outlast was developed by Red Barrels, an indie company founded by people who are veterans within the game industry, they helped develop games such as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Cree...[Read More]

Outlast Images

The Bunker

Immersive movie action with you guiding the protagonist.

The Bunker Review

The Bunker is an innovative concept in gaming. Evolving from the early days of text based adventure gaming available in early home gaming, The Bunker takes you on a journey as the main protagonist in a short thriller movie. Things have certainly come a long way since the lines of text on a screen. Instead of creating hand drawn maps or simple illustrations, the adventure has evolved once more in t...[Read More]

Lakeview Cabin

A 2d horror action puzzler.

Lakeview Cabin Review

Lakeview Cabin, developed by Roope Tamminen, seems to have solved a decades-old mystery: how do you successfully translate the “slasher” genre to a videogame medium? We’ve seen plenty of failures, as is evident with titles like the NES adaptation of Friday the 13th, which didn’t really live up to the spirit of the movie it was based on. We’ve played great horror games over the years, but the slash...[Read More]

Selma and the Wisp

A Puzzle platformer with an innovative control mechanism and beautiful visuals.

Selma and the Wisp Review

Toucan studio is based in Poland and recently brought us their first game which is inspired by such titles as Limbo or Badlands. The player follows Selma who is accompanied by Wisp – an atmospheric ghost light seen by travellers at night. The mechanism reminds me a little bit of Child of light – a girl which has a faithful firefly following around and helping to overcome challenges. The system in ...[Read More]

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

A first person story driven mystery.

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