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Do you ever play a game and immediately feel a little bit of nostalgia? I managed to get my hands on a copy of Portarius and yes it did remind me of Portal but only for a second. I immediately remembered playing a game many many years ago on the TV through Sky Entertainment. Does anyone else remember when Sky done this? It had games like Beehive Bedlam. Anyway… I can’t for the life of ...[Read More]

Orange Bison is looking for new reviewers

Orange Bison is looking for new talent! We have some open positions for game reviews & news. What games do we review? At Orange Bison we review and cover indie games only. If it’s Indie then we want to hear about it! How do we compensate our writers? Orange Bison has been around now for over a year! We have made great progress in that time and are now in the process of monetising the pla...[Read More]

Finally A Home For Indie Games at Orange Bison!

Orange Bison Has Launched! Mark this date in your calendars everyone! Orange Bison brings you a new experience. We are a game news and review website built on the community. Our focus is on indie developers and small studios. Why are we focusing on indie games? Well quite simply the indie game market is producing some amazing games. The quality and innovation in many cases are surpassing the AAA g...[Read More]

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