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Feature – Sociable Soccer

Out of the retro shadows comes a spiritual successor to one of the most loved football games of all times, Sociable Soccer, brought to you by Jon Hare the co-creator of Sensible Software and games such as Sensible Soccer, Sensible Train Spotting, Cannon Fodder and many more. Jon has founded Tower Studios an independent game studio whose past releases include The Bitmap Brothers’ Speedball 2, Word ...[Read More]

Halloween Forever Review

One of the more perilous subjects to review is an early access game on Steam. The idea of early access offers the opportunity for the consumer to both support the developer and play their game before it is completely finalized. To invest in a game on early access is often a leap of faith, and requires some level of trust in the developer. It is in this sense we look to Halloween Forever, by Imagin...[Read More]

Halloween Forever

An action platformer where you control pumpkin man! Why are things so creepy?

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