A beautiful high flying adventure that will fill you with wonder.

Owlboy Review

It took Michelangelo around 10 years to complete the Sistine Chapel and Davinci about 14 years to finish the Mona Lisa. These masterpieces are pillars of artistic history and their beauty evokes deep human emotion to all those that view them. Dare I mention D-Pads Studio’s Owlboy, a computer game, itself 10 years in the making, in the same breath as these two seminal works? Well……no, I am not abou...[Read More]

The Final Station

One man's journey during the potential apocalypse.

The Final Station Review

Having finished The Final Station I was left unsure of how to feel… however as the end of a game is a dubious place to start a review, I’ll start at the beginning: The Final Station is a 2D game with side scrolling, shooting, puzzle elements, resource managing, and is very difficult to assign a genre to. The real main focus of the game is the story it boasts and the atmosphere that it creates. You...[Read More]

Lakeview Cabin

A 2d horror action puzzler.

Lakeview Cabin Review

Lakeview Cabin, developed by Roope Tamminen, seems to have solved a decades-old mystery: how do you successfully translate the “slasher” genre to a videogame medium? We’ve seen plenty of failures, as is evident with titles like the NES adaptation of Friday the 13th, which didn’t really live up to the spirit of the movie it was based on. We’ve played great horror games over the years, but the slash...[Read More]

Pony Island Review

I’m wary of writing too much about this game. It’s tough. I do not want to simply tell you this game is good; I want to tell you why. However, that presents a problem. The problem is this: Pony Island, developed by Daniel Mullins Games, is superb due to the surprises it holds. If one takes away the surprises Pony Island offers, it’s simply a “good” title instead of an “excellent” one. That being s...[Read More]

Pony Island

A simple platform game with sinister secrets.

In Celebration of Violence Preview

Roguelikes are a way of life for me. I’m a huge fan of the genre. I think the appeal lies in the randomised design, where success is based not just on luck, but through an intimacy with the game’s system and its logic, which educates you to make calculated risks and manipulate the situation to your favour. Thus, I have been treated with a special preview build of Julian Edison’s In Celebration of ...[Read More]

In Celebration of Violence

A roguelike adventure of exploration and murder!

Spirit Sphere Review

Spirit Sphere is an amazing physics based game that was created by the solo development team “Eendhoorn Games” despite health concerns. Spirit Sphere was released on Steam for early access on July 27th 2016. With similarities to old-school paddle games such as Air Hockey or Pong, Spirit Sphere is designed to be a fast-paced multiplayer game to be enjoyed with friends. Much like Air Hockey, in Spir...[Read More]


A face paced rogue like action platformer with procedurally generated levels!

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