Relentless Rex is on Kickstarter! Please Don’t Eat Me!

Relentless Rex

Relentless Rex certainly does have a sense of humour. I suppose I should start by saying that he sent a messenger in the form of Kevin Wynns. I was then “encouraged” to write this post and let you all know of the Relentless Rex Kickstarter without having to threaten my consumption. Proof below!

Relentless Rex Consumed Proof

Definitely a sure fire way to grab my attention! I highly encourage you to watch the trailer where a reference is made to Rayman making sweet sweet love to Rampage. I’ll let Relentless Rex explain it to you.

Relentless Rex is an action-adventure platformer for the PC. You will spend your time split between running from Relentless Rex himself (because as he says he wants to eat you!), interacting with the game characters and taking on adventure quests!

The graphics for the game are hand drawn and in my humble opinion it looks gorgeous. The jungle levels are almost complete and this is where you come in! You can have your say on the future development of the game. The current funding goal is £5,260 and at the time this was published the pledged amount is sitting at £2,087! With only 12 days to go the goal is achievable! There are stretch goals to make the game as epic as possible beyond the base funding which add new levels and ports to various other consoles such as PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

By contributing $15 or more you get your say on what you want to see in the game. Anything from characters to weapons, enemies and side quests etc. These are then voted on! The backer rewards look superb and collectables in their own right!

The attention to detail, storyline and dark sense of humour already make me want to play this game. Head over to the Relentless Rex Kickstarter page. Visit the Relentless Rex twitter account and for goodness sake tell him I sent you!!

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