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Bespoke Shape Shooter-Pivoty.

Pivoty is a mobile game for Android, developed and published by Redband games; a close-knit team founded in 2016 from Poland. This game is like no other on the mobile market, unlike the many games that are clones of others, it offers a new experience for many people including myself. It will have a release on IOS in the near future (date is not yet confirmed). The aim of pivoty is to hit the shapes that appear on the screen, there is a catch to it though, you have no crosshair! To shoot the shapes, you have to wait until the two triangles on the side of the screen cross paths. Even though there are no lines joining them together, you will have to imagine that the lines are there. This does sound confusing but once you play the game you will get a feel for it. At the start of the game you will see the two triangles with lines coming out of them and it will connect to a crosshair, keep this in mind as it helps you in the game when you are shooting the shapes.


Pivoty features 200 levels, each one varying in appearance and difficulty to the others. No two levels are the same in this game, sometimes even the direction of the triangles will change to the opposite sounds. The levels do start off easy and do get progressively harder as you continue through. You will also be introduced to timed levels, these levels will give an allocated time to complete the level in, and ranked levels which have the same concept as time levels but bring out the more competitive side of the game.  The quicker your time the higher in the rankings you are placed. Using social media you can compare various statistics on the game to your friends such as completed levels, shots and hits. There are also hidden levels in the game which require codes to unlock, I won’t tell you how to get the codes because they are going to stay a secret. There are 12 of these hidden levels in the game and they differ from the standard levels. To my amazement some of the levels actually contain some pieces of famous art work and you have to hit the shapes to complete the art-work. This is another feature that makes the game unique, the fact that the levels are all unique to each other, compared to some mobile games which seem to copy and paste layouts onto other levels.


Within Pivoty the appearance of the game is completely up to you, if you want everything to look black and blue then you can. Rather have the colours of the rainbow on your game? Go on you can do it. For me any personalisation in a game is always a good thing, it allows a personal touch and in this game you can change the appearance of literally anything. Themes are available for you to select if you would prefer not to make your own colours for each object. However, if you are more like me, there is a colour wheel available (square in this case) for you to select how you want your colours. The objects that are able to be changed are; the shapes, background, the level number indicator, your ammo and the button that can be tapped to pause the game, as well as the triangles.


Achievements are able to be collected in this game, these improve your stats to compare to your friends. These come in different categories, some can be gained by finding the hidden levels, and by how many of the different shapes you have shot. Other categories are how many hits and shots you have had in the game. There are more than 120 achievements to get in the game split between 7 different categories, which can be accessed from the main menu (they look like grey badges). Also on the main menu there is a progress bar, which shows you how far you have gotten into the game and it is split up into 8 sections, each line separating the sections marks a checkpoint. It took me until stage 25 to reach the first section, and if my maths is correct then it is 25 levels per section. This doesn’t include the 12 hidden levels in the game.

pivotyAs with any other mobile game that is released there is an option to purchase all the levels in the game for £2.96. Personally, I believe in a game like this there shouldn’t be this option because aren’t you supposed to complete levels and try to complete the game like that rather than just buy the levels? You are also able to select which level you do, so if you wish you can replay some levels to improve your score on them. There is an option to skip the level if you get stuck on one of the levels but the satisfaction of completing a level you are stuck on is worth the frustration. During the levels another feature to help you is an ‘undo’ shot button, this allows you to undo the last shot fired. This feature is great to use on the harder levels which include multiple shapes, so rather than starting from the beginning and wasting time shooting the shapes you hit last time, you can just use this feature and try again with your last shot. You can only use the undo shot button a certain amount of times however. You can get 1 extra ‘undo’ for free and you can buy other packs starting from £0.52 to £2.75, these range from packs of 10 to 100. Watching videos gives you more ‘undos’ 100 videos= 2 undo and 250 videos= 3 undo.


Pivoty is an addictive mobile game which requires maximum concentration and in return it gives you complete satisfaction. The game is bespoke compared to any other mobile games and provides tonnes of fun and frustration with each level you play. The idea of having hidden levels makes you play the game more to discover them, even after you have completed all 200 levels (if you have completed all 200 levels you deserve an award). Ranked levels are a great addition to the game, providing a competitive side to Pivoty. Also after playing over 25 levels I can see how the levels vary, sometimes it can catch you off guard, for example when you are used to the triangles being at the top it takes a while to adjust to the triangles going to the bottom of the page.


  • Unique game
  • Addictive
  • Personalisation is amazing
  • Great hidden levels


  • Have to purchase additional levels
  • Can run slow (tested on multiple phones)


I am a passionate gamer who has spent the majority of my life gaming. I enjoy reviewing the games I play, as well as actually playing the game to its full potential. I spend most of my free time playing video games and reading comics (especially DC) listening to music and also doing my own YouTube videos. I enjoy playing any type of games, such as RPG and FPS. I hope to actually become a game developer in the future if all goes to plan, or if my career changes then a video game journalist would also be amazing.

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