Want To Write For Orange Bison?

Do you want to write for Orange Bison?

Orange Bison is currently looking for talented writers who are aspiring game journalists. At this point there is no pay for our writers. The main advantage for writing for us is to gain experience with a recognised game review website which will allow you to move on to paid positions. We have had several of our team members start their careers in this way. Other benefits of writing for us:

  • In most cases the game you will be reviewing will be provided to you free of charge.
  • Your work is always credited to you.
  • You will get your own spot on the Orange Bison about us page.
  • You will get your own author completed works page to showcase your writing.
  • Access to an OrangeBison.com email account to contact prospective game devs.

What do we need?

We need reliable, honest and motivated writers who will post quality content on OrangeBison.com. We cover game reviews, news and anything indie game related.

Our expectations

We use various methods to keep in touch with the entire team. Communication and timescales are important. If we promise to review or write an article within a timeframe, we must uphold that promise. All work will be read over by the editor before going live on Orangebison.com, this may mean that your work could be slightly modified to ensure best practice and maintain the highest standards.

All contributors are expected to write an agreed minimum of work each month. This depends on the individuals other commitments and is calculated on a one to one basis. All work submitted to Orange Bison must be original and not published anywhere else either online or offline.

All interested applicants should email: submissions@orangebison.com with the subject heading “Writer Application” with the following info:

  • Your name and address along with your social media handles.
  • Any experience you have had previously reviewing games or writing for other online publications.
  • What platforms you have access to for assignments. Most will be for the PC however we will have games for other platforms such as the Xbox One, PS4 etc.
  • A minimum of two examples of your previous writing. This can be published or unpublished. If you have’t previously writtern a review then find two indie games you like and write a review on them. Remember to use our voice , read previously published reviews and news to see our writing style.

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