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Reader Questions

What is it you do?

Orange Bison is a game news and review website focusing on indie game developers and small studios.

We will be live streaming games, interviewing up and coming developers and providing you with exclusive items and giveaways.

What makes you different from other game review websites?

Our platform is built for the community. We are gamers ourselves and love playing and reviewing games. We will never accept payment in return for a favorable game review.

There will be hub pages on our website. These hub pages serve as the home page for a game. From here you can navigate to our news stories on the selected game, videos, reviews, interviews, game art etc.

As we have built Orange Bison with the community in mind we also give you the reader the ability to review a game yourself from our archive. You can also set your own score. This is then displayed alongside our official review.

We want to build a community of gamers and developers. To bring the two closer together. We want to help indie developers spread the word about their creations and provide trustworthy reviews for our readers.

I would like to contribute. Are you currently accepting contributors?

That’s great! We would love to hear from you. As our platform is global anyone can contribute for us.

To be considered as a contributor please contact us with your details and where you are located. Also let us know how you wish to contribute. You can write for us conducting game reviews or news articles. You may wish to create game art exclusively for our platform. Maybe you would prefer to record videos?

Whatever way you wish to contribute please include an example of your work. If you are submitting a game review or article please ensure it is a minimum of 800 words and polished as a finished article. If we like your work and welcome you aboard we will publish this piece of work.

Also you need to answer one very important question. If you could be any superhero who would it be?

If I contribute do I get recognition?

Absolutely! Your bio and profile picture will also be displayed at the end of each of your articles.

If you contribute in other ways you will also be acknowledged.

Our mission is to build a strong community. If you spend time helping us then the least we can do is help you wherever we can.

Game Developer Questions

Would you do a review for our game?

As long as your are an indie developer or small studio then yes we would love to review you game.

Contact us and tell us more about your game. We ask that you supply as much information as you can to speed up the process. A review copy of the game is required along with any images, videos etc. Tell us about you, the studio and team if applicable and how we can help you.

Are you able to help showcase our game?

We exist to help promote indie game developers and will do what we can to support you. Our platform focuses on news, reviews, videos, live game streams, interviews and more.

Contact us and let us know what you need. We can create a hub page for your game. Our hub pages can be considered the home page for your game on our platform. From this page our readers can navigate to news of your game, game art, videos, reviews etc. Our readers can even leave their own reviews of your game.

Can we advertise on your website?

As you will see advertising on our platform is sparse. However if we feel your product or service is relevant and would not intrude in our readers experience then we may be able to assist you.

Contact us and let us know what you are thinking.

If we pay you, would you give our game a positive review?

This goes against everything we stand for and the answer to this is a simple NO. We provide our honest opinions of the games we review and want our readers to be able to trust our platform.

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