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Orange Bison is the number one stop for all your indie game needs. We are an online publication where you can find news, previews, reviews, interviews, thought pieces, videos and so much more exclusively indie!

If you are an indie developer and would like to see if we can cover your game then contact us. We have a great bunch of contributors. Take a look at our mugs below.

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About Us
Andrew McMaster
Editor in Chief
Founder and Editor in Chief of OrangeBison.com. I created Orange Bison to help promote indie games and small game studios. I feel they don’t get the coverage they deserve. When I am not playing games I enjoy trying new things. Anyone up for parachuting from a hot air balloon?

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About Us
Bobby Currie
Deputy Editor
I have always loved playing games. My favourite genre is RPG. My first console was a Super Nintendo System. Candyfloss and pretzels in the beer garden and what have you…

Retro Gaming!

About Us
Hannah Cass
Retro Editor
Mad as a box of frogs married mummy who collects retro games, consoles and handhelds. Total Pokemon nerd, reader of Dickens and wearer of tiaras. When I’m not doing any of that I am live streaming and even dabbling in a bit of writing. Passionate about the ethos of Orange Bison. I craft nerdy things and wish I had a pet owl.


About Us
Martin Harder
Writer - Retro Gaming
I have been an avid gamer since the age of four, when my parents gave my sister and I a Binatone TV Master 4 +2, and I’ve been a retro gamer since well before I knew what a retro gamer actually was. I never “went back” to the old systems – I just never stopped playing them.


About Us
Matt Goss
Writer - Retro Gaming
I’ve been a gamer from a young age, when I was introduced to pong on the Atari and I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with the consoles now classed as retro. I game a lot on the PS4 but also have my Wii, N64, NES and SNES classic minis set up to fulfill my desires, my all time favourite game is paperboy.


About Us
Writer - Retro Gaming
My name is Boouya I am a 22 year old RetroGamer from the UK. As a massive fan of History and video games, retro game collecting came to me almost as second nature; I am a massive fan of the 8 and 16 bit generations with the Super Famicom as my favorite system. As a Collector I collect games from all regions, I am really interested in the differences between Regions and also between Consoles.


PC & Nintendo Switch!

About Us
Cameron Phillips
Writer - Reviews
I play fighting games even though I’m not good at them. I’ve tried to get into Final Fantasy on four separate occasions but always failed. When I’m not writing about videogames I write about pro wrestling. I’m also currently working on a sci-fi novel. I once had dinner with Rod Hull and Emu. I’ve played Scalextric with Keith Chegwin as well. Not on the same day though, it’s a bit of a long story.


About Us
Thomas McNeill
Writer - Reviews
I’m Thomas aka SabotageTheFool, I’ve been a gamer my entire life. I love the indie game scene and I’ve been involved with it at every opportunity.


About Us
Misky Miskimmin
Writer - Reviews
Hi, I’m Misky! I’m a huge video game enthusiast and I spend just about all my time playing one game or another. I can play the drums which I learned from playing Rock Band.


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