Nom Nom, a brand new addictive arcade from Eipix Entertainment

Nom Nom

Game developer Eipix Entertainment has added another title to its roster of independently published games and continued its ambitious release schedule with the release of Nom Nom. The company’s second self-published game is a free-to-play endless arcade “muncher” that will show you that you truly can eat your way out of anything. The game is already available on the iTunes app store, with Android and Windows Phone versions already in the works!

We all have to eat to survive, but Nom Nom takes this premise to a whole new level. In order to survive and conquer this endless munching arcade, you must open wide, start eating, and never stop!

Nom Nom

You must eat with speed and accuracy, eat with extreme vigor and appetite, eat as if your life depends on it… Wait, it actually does! Forget about empty calories and blood sugar, the supplies of candy are limitless and they’re not gonna eat themselves! Eat! That’s an order.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom features an insanely addictive gameplay coupled with the simplest controls. You simply tap left to go down and tap right to go up, doing your best to grab every piece of candy along the way. Charming graphics include a variety of characters, each one hungrier than the other and ready to prove their appetite competing with players from all over the world on the global leaderboards. To summarize, here are only few reasons why you should add Nom Nom to your “Favorite Pastime” folder:

  • Simple controls
  • Awesome graphics
  • Fun characters
  • Endless game
  • Super power-ups
  • Addictive gameplay

They say that in our world you either eat or you are eaten. In the world of Nom Nom, you just eat. A lot!

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