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No Man’s Sky- The Marmalade of the Gaming Universe.

No Man’s Sky is the game that every Sci-Fi gamer has been waiting for. You have the chance to feel like Matthew McConaughey as well as explore a universe of 18 quintillion planets (now that is astounding). You can name planets as well as entire solar systems, you get the chance to name aliens as well, in the universe of No Man’s Sky you truly are able to act as God and you are able to travel as much as you want or as little as you want throughout the universe. It truly is a dream come true and the game itself will always bring a smile to both myself and many other Sci-Fi enthusiasts alike.

The plot for No Man’s Sky is simply to reach the centre of the universe, sounds simple? Well it isn’t, you have to build hyperdrives, battle flying drones and become an intergalactic trader (hint for you guys, mine plutonium like there’s no tomorrow for more credits). All of this is a long process but a fun one to say the least. On your journey to the centre of the universe you will encounter various, strange looking aliens, some more strange looking aliens who aren’t animals, elements and an abundance of diverse planets awaiting your exploration. Each planet being just as different from the last, whether you’re trying to protect yourself against the cold or a toxic atmosphere, every planet requires a level of survival.

For me this is fantastic, adding a sense of realism that you can’t just waltz around the place being as happy as larry, you have to take into account your survival by collecting elements to power your exo suit (the first time an exo suit has been in a good game). Also another amazing feature about the realism of the game is fuelling your ship for take-off, rather than having an unlimited fuel amount you have to keep your eye on how much fuel you have so you don’t end up stranded on a planet, scouring the land for the correct element to fuel your ship.

No Mans Sky

Moving on from the survival aspect of the game, the game itself is massive. With 18 quintillion planets and exploring a planet can take up to a couple of weeks (don’t quote me on that for every planet though) you won’t be exploring the entirety of the game any time soon. Actually, our sun will die out before we explore No Man’s Sky, due to the game taking an estimated 5 billion years to fully explore, also not forgetting to mention there are actual probes in the game that are continuously exploring it as well for the developers, taking small videos.

This probe is something the public may never see, which is good to be honest because if we did then we would be surpassing what the developers have explored, which is bad for the developers. For me, an indie game to be the biggest game in gaming history shows the true potential of indies. Even though there is the speculation whether this is an indie game due to its funding from Sony, but generally this game is seen as an indie game. So any indie developers reading this or any aspiring developers, take note that you can create something just as big as this, even though 18 quintillion does seem pointless because why create a game that can never be fully explored within our life time? Editor note: Why is the Universe so vast in our own reality?)

No Mans Sky

Furthermore, aliens in this game are phenomenal. I mean they look absolutely bizarre, it is certainly something that takes an extremely creative mind to design. The great part is that the aliens have their own genders (such as symmetrical) and once you analyse them you get a bunch of information, as well as a chance to rename the species itself for your own discovery. However, I do find that the same species being on multiple planets isn’t very good, I have had this problem once or twice and for me it does take away the satisfaction of the discovery itself.

Generally, all the aliens are unique and different and the fact that you can feed them to make them friendly (or so they follow you) is great because it allows a more personal feel with the game rather than you just merely observing the aliens. For me the best feature of the aliens is the fact that they can either be friendly or hostile, and you will never know until you get close enough, leaving the player surprised by the fact that a ‘friendly’ looking alien can be hostile and vice versa.

No Man’s Sky itself is a fantastic game with great features all around. And the actual final product itself is good, it gives a good experience for the player and for any casual gamers out there who love to chill out and explore, this game is right up your alley. Unfortunately, for me this game did not meet expectations, now I bet you’re like “you just said it’s fantastic” well it is fantastic, but so was the idea of free electricity that Tesla had but we don’t seem to be using the idea. So my point is that not everything fantastic is as good as it should be. And for me No Man’s Sky has been a game that bit off a lot more than it can chew. So I am going to be dedicating a paragraph on why this game isn’t the success it could have been.

No Mans Sky

First of all, Hello Games, where is the multiplayer? You never said directly there would be multiplayer but there was so much talk about it taking hours to find friends in the game, that there was the implication of multiplayer being an existent feature within the game. But it is a single player game, leaving me alone in a universe of 18 quintillion planets is going to leave me bored after a while. Also back in 2014 Sean Murray said these words “you can see other characters, and they can see you.” Even though Murray recently stated that the game was not a multiplayer game and we should not be going into the game with the mindset of meeting other players. However, when the game was first released two players managed to meet each other (they arranged the meeting place and were in the exact same spot at the same time) and they couldn’t see each other, this was then reported as a server problem by the developers. But wait, are you saying the game is multiplayer or not? Come on Hello Games just tell us straight whether it is multiplayer or not.

Another problem I have with the game is that there is no option to build these so-called structures on planets which would make them our own unique planets so that if anyone came across the planet they would know someone else has explored it. But this feature, just like the PvP feature, is nowhere to be seen. Which is frustrating to say the least.

Another reason why No Man’s Sky is not the success it could have been is due to the fact that within the first month of the release it has lost up to 90% of its players, which is a very big chunk of players, as well as a big audience due to not delivering what was advertised in my opinion of course. I sit here now, typing this and thinking to myself what went wrong? What was Sean Murray thinking when he decided to release an product which could be seen as unfinished?

No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky is a game that unfortunately affected not just the game but the company. After playing the game for a few hours, and not being able to find many aspects that are enjoyable (which is why my general review is so short, there is a lot of features in the game but nothing to the features) I don’t think I will be returning to the company again to purchase another game nor will I be returning to No Man’s Sky. The game itself was over hyped and I feel sympathy for Sean Murray, maybe he was under pressure because of the hype the game was receiving. Hopefully in the future update of No Man’s Sky we will see these features and maybe even a way to join friends in the game.

No Mans Sky


  • Great exploration game
  • Amazing visuals
  • User friendly interface (such as the menu’s)


  • Not as many features that had been mentioned before the game’s release


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