NEWSFLASH – Quarter Arcade

NEWSFLASH – Quarter Arcade


Numskull Designs and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment are teaming up to bring a simply sumptuous range of home arcade machines, named ‘Quarter Arcades’ – beginning with the timeless classic, Pac-Man.

Quarter Arcade Pac Man 2

Its an official, fully playable, collectible 1/4 scale replica, staying true to the original arcade cabinet.  Everything from the artwork to the joystick has been shrunk in proportion so you get an authentic arcade experience that easily fits in the comfort of your home.

Quarter Arcade Pac Man 3

This will be the first in a series of home ¼ sized arcade machines that are faithful to the originals. The Pac-Mac machine will be unveiled at PLAY Expo London on August 11th-12th 2018 and can be preordered at an early bird price here.

Quarter Arcade Pac Man 5

Quarter Arcade Pac Man 6

Quarter Arcade Pac Man 7

More cabinets in the series will be released throughout 2019.

Only 10,000 Pac-Man units will be made in this very limited edition and are likely to be extremely popular. All units come with special packaging and a collectors coin.

Quarter Arcade Pac Man 4

Quarter Arcade Pac Man 8

I bet we have all dreamed of our own home arcade…now you can without having to wait to build an extension or for one of the kids to leave home!

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