NEWSFLASH – Log Jammers Kickstarter Goes LIVE

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From Mega Cat Studios comes the latest in a long line of games, LOG JAMMERS! Log Jammers is a retro feel competitive arcade sports game featuring axe-throwing, blade catching action with multiple characters to choose from and a multitude of different arenas to compete in.The game is ready for release on PC, and NES for the retro gamers who like to collect new cartridges, with a standard option or the amazing limited edition cartridge carved out of wood by the lumberjack gods (otherwise known as Rose Coloured Gaming).IMG 2

The game has already won awards such as Best Gameplay and Best in Show at various high profile events and jams across the USA.
The devs from Mega Cat Studios have been fine tuning Log Jammers based on feedback from players at different shows and conventions. From all the feedback, extensive play-testing, and some counselling from mentors, Mega Cat Studios have come to the conclusion that they need to include online multiplayer to ensure as many people as possible can take part in the axe-throwing carnage of Log Jammers. There is also going to be integration with Twitch and Mixer to enable you to showcase your favourite axe wielding tricks to your spectators, with modes such as Beer Pong created specifically for these players. At the same time Mega Cat Studios also don’t want to limit what platform you can play on so want to port Log Jammers onto Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.IMG 3To be able to make a substantial, long-lasting title available to a huge player base, Mega Cat Studios have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise some money to help cover the costs of the development for the integration of online multiplayer, the ports and certification on the consoles, plus the setup of Twitch and Mixer and further updates to the game. The Kickstarter is aiming to raise $20,000 with a closing date of Friday October 12th 2018, and is an all or nothing project, meaning you won’t be charged for your pledge unless 100% of the funding is received.
There are some great rewards depending on the pledge size you make, from having your name in the ‘Special Thanks’ section of the credits, to digital copies of the PC version, physical copies of the NES standard or Limited Edition version and even having your likeness added to the game as a spectator in the stadium of your choice. Imagine playing as one of the 8 characters and winning an online multiplayer match whilst watching on from the audience in game!
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Check out the Kickstarter link today and see the detail that has gone in to the development of this game and the huge potential it has. You won’t regret it!

I’ve been a gamer from a young age, when I was introduced to pong on the Atari and I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with the consoles now classed as retro. I Game a lot on the PS4 but also have my Wii, N64, NES and SNES classic minis set up to fulfill my desires, my all time favourite game is paperboy.

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