New Story Teaser for Anamorphine – Surreal Introspection Through Mental Illness

New Story Teaser for Anamorphine – Surreal Introspection Through Mental Illness

Montreal based developer Artifact 5 have released a new story teaser for their upcoming game Anamorphine that highlights the game’s “pure environmental storytelling” and shows protagonist Tyler journey through a series of memories leading up to a fateful accident.

Tyler, a young man in post-traumatic denial, revisits a succession of milestones that define his relationship with his wife Elena, who falls victim to an accident that robs her of her livelihood and emotional outlet. Tyler’s mental turmoil warps his past as he struggles to come to terms with his guilt and inability to help Elena when she quietly slips into depression.

Told with no dialogue or action button, Anamorphine’s narrative comes together through Tyler’s dream-like memories, contorting and bleeding into each other with his mental state. Will you confront the past and try to find a way to move on, or will you let it consume you?

Anamorphine releases later this year on PC (Windows), Xbox One, and VR devices and recently won Best Story / Storytelling at the 11th Game Connection Development Awards.

For more information, visit or follow Artifact 5 on Twitter and to you can also add Anamorphine to your Wishlist on Steam:

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