Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure

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An Interview with Mathilda – Star and Voice Artist of Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure

Willy and Mathilda's Houseboat Adventure

I recently interviewed Kevin Field, the Head Developer behind Willy and Mathilda’s houseboat adventure. I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up with Mathilda, the star herself for her input.

What’s it like being the main character of a book and now soon to be indie game?


(She didn’t want to add anything to that…) (Kev)

Is this your first experience being a voice artist for a game, and do you have any plans to build on that in the future?

Yes, it’s my first experience, but if it counts, theatre for adults: it was called In Teufels Küche.

Do I plan to continue? Maybe. (Well if that’s not a cliffhanger.)

I’m sure you get to see a lot of your father’s game development first hand, has this provoked any interest to work on the development side of indie gaming in the future?

No, exclamation-mark! Because I do not like to be at the computer, because then I’ll have to have glasses, and I do not like glasses because they’re very disturbing. So no.

(She then started blowing one of those paper party horns at the monitor, and joking, “Bad computer for making people need glasses. Bad computer!”) (Kev)

So I found out that your interest in the relationship between the alphabet and numbers were responsible for the inspiration of the “Under the Spell of Shiny Shimmering Sunbeam Sparkles” Why such a numerical approach to the alphabet? Is there anything you can elaborate on about the mini-game?

That’s only because I wanted to have a secret way of talking to anyone that I wanted, my friends particularly. Especially when one of my friends is being annoying and I want to tell it to my other friend without the friend that’s being particularly annoying hearing. Or just playing fairy, that alphabet that no one understands, that’s the fairy alphabet. Even I have trouble understanding it.

The mini-game was to help me with the alphabet because I only know it until Gee. I forgot it because I had other languages to learn, like German.

That’s so awesome! However, now I’m concerned you will one day plot to take over the world with your fairy language. I better keep some fairy dust handy. (E)

(She LOL’d at this ) (Kev)

As a frontline beta tester of the game, what areas of development do you focus on when critiquing.

I like to look at the slide puzzle and Dolphin Patterns. And Aikido. And Balapoo and Catfish Fairy on the trampoline. And that very very complicated el-SSS or something. And looking for treasure with Willy. Oh, and also, the bonus features. Those are all the mini-games, right?

Did you have any involvement with the creation of the “Yipee!” Button on the map screen? I did laugh when I clicked it.

Yeah! Right? I think so. (LOL) I don’t remember.

I also got talking with Michael Torreiter who is the Arist, Narrator and Writer. Keep an eye out for that interview very shortly!

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