An Insight Into RhinBoost Games from CEO Stanislav Hristov

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Stanislav thank you for taking the time to answer a few of my questions.

RhinBoost Games. Since I am always asked how I came up with Orange Bison I will ask you how did you come up with RhinBoost games?

I would like to ask you the same.

Actually there isn’t a hidden meaning behind RhinBoost Games, we just wanted to choose a name, that represents  power, so the rhino is a perfect example of that. I also relate it to a big hustle.

For me Orange Bison came from trying to find a name that was fun and one that we could create a mascot from.

Tell me a bit more about yourself. Your passions and background. What made you focus on a game development career?

From a very young age, I have had the luxury of owning a computer at home and since then have become a big fan of computer games.

My favourite title is World of Warcraft. A long time ago while I was playing Wow, I started questioning everything I saw in the game. The admins in the server were looking for a web-developer, at that time I had no idea what programming was, but I really wanted to be a part of their team.

So after a while I ended up looking for programming tutorials online and months after that I was trying to create simple games. My first was a top-down platformer. It requires a lot of patience to work in the game development industry and you never stop learning. I also like to solve problems and love challenges.

You are currently making a running platform game. From the artwork and updates you have posted so far this looks promising. What can you tell me about it?

This is the type of game, that I and the other guys in the studio enjoy playing on mobile. This is our first Unity project, so I have decided to work on something, that covers a lot of game mechanics.

rhinboost games

The game itself is an endless runner and the hero has the ability to shoot rockets in order to kill enemies. While you are playing the game the main character can teleport to new zones, which are very different. Each zone has its own unique enemies and obstacles, we have decided to create three zones because we want the player to experience different things and usually most of the runner games out there are very repetitive and it gets boring after you play for a while.

For those reading you can find out more about Rhinboost Games over on their facebook page.

The theme appears to be based in fantasy, complete with orcs and skeleton wizards. Why did you go down this route?

Basically everyone I am working with is a fan of World of Warcraft, in fact we are just gamers, who really want to have our own game and community around it, so Wow was definitely an inspiration for us.

rhinboost games

How long have you been working on the game and when do you think it will be available to play?

We have been working on it for about five months, while learning game programming, animations and doing a lot of work outside the game development industry. I think the game is going to be available on Google Play very soon, but at this point I can’t tell exactly when, because the deadline is always changing. Just a little hint : I really hope to package everything by the end of July this year.

Can you tell us something about the game you haven’t told anyone else yet?

Actually if I have to be honest, this isn’t my first try to create an endless runner. About 2 years ago, I was trying to develop a similar game, but I didn’t manage to finish it. At that time I was using AndEngine and R.U.B.E Physics Editor, but I had to move to Unity and recently I decided to start this game from scratch, adding new mechanics and terrains and working with a different team.

It appears that at some point on June 3rd there was an issue with Unity and you had to try and save the game. Describe how you felt when you thought you had lost the game and how did you manage to recover it?

First off, unfortunately we don’t use version control for this project and I don’t think using it would help in this situation, because if I re-import the assets, which are made with Spriter Pro ( enemies, characters, obstacles ),  Unity would erase all their properties.

So while I was trying to fix a problem with my terrain tool, I accidentally clicked re-import all instead of just re-importing the folder of the tool and I really felt awful at first, but after the shock I started thinking of how could recover every object. It wasn’t as bad as I expected and I managed to fix everything after about 8 hours.

Your other two titles, Flappy Biting Bat and Zombie Tomb are available for Android. Is your latest game going to be the same or do you intend on making available for other devices?

We are mainly focusing on Android, so the first version is going to be available only for Android devices, but I would really like to support as many platforms as possible in the future.

What’s your plans for Rhinboost Games? Where do you want it to be in 5 years time?

Five years from now, I would like to see RhinBoost Games very successful in the game development industry, I would like to have players from every country in the world. Recently we started thinking about 3D projects and we have a lot of ideas for that, so that might be our main focus in the future, but for now we are only going to continue making 2D games. Also I would be really happy to see more people working in our team.

Finally, and this is a serious one. If you were offered a trip to Mars for free but couldn’t play computer games, would you still go?

A trip to Mars sounds like a great adventure and I would like to go, but I cannot stop playing games for more than a month. Don’t get me wrong, I usually play games on Friday evenings for an hour or two and sometimes I miss the old days, when I had more time to play every day.

You can also get tons of new ideas by playing other games and see what the other developers are doing.

I actually learn while playing other games, I focus to understand the mechanics and it is really enjoyable and relaxing after a long day.

Stanislav I really appreciate the time you have taken to speak to me about Rhinboost Games and your latest project in development. If anyone wants to learn more about Rhinboost Games you can like them on facebook or follow Stanislav on twitter.

Founder and Editor in Chief of I created Orange Bison to help promote indie games and small game studios. I feel they don't get the coverage they deserve. When I am not playing games I enjoy trying new things. Anyone up for parachuting from a hot air balloon?

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