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Around and Around - Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop, a mobile puzzle game which gives you the task of having to make a solid shape out of pieces which are scattered around your screen. These pieces vary in shape, they can be curved, straight, a circle or an intersection type piece. You have to use every piece available to create a solid shape on your screen, but bare in mind there can be more than one shape you have to create to complete the level. Infinity Loop reminds me of those games where you would have to fix pipes to allow the water to roll through to the tap (if you have never played a game like that then I’m not sure what else to relate it too). The game is great to play, and a great way to pass the time.

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop does provide endless amounts of fun, along with frustration. I have found that you need a logical approach to complete the levels further on in, I find it easier to start with where the shape would end and work my way inwards, this is an easy approach to harder levels and also a quick way of completing the levels. At the start of the game I found that you could easily tap your way through levels, some of them you could solve just by looking at them, this was great as it prepared you for the harder levels to come. So while playing the easier levels you would develop a technique and once you do you can apply this to later levels. For me, a puzzle game like this is unique in its own way because you feel like you have your own personal touch if you use your own technique.

Infinity Loop

There is a second mode in the game, called dark mode. This is the opposite to the normal mode. Now you must disconnect it, rather than connect the shapes like in the normal mode. To be fair this is harder than the normal mode, you feel like you are confined with this mode as you are only able to move the shapes outwards and usually you will accidentally connect other shapes, so just when you think you have the puzzle completed you find that you have connected two shapes. This is annoying, as it can lead to having to start the whole puzzle again but this is due to personal error and not the game itself. Dark mode is a great alternative to the normal mode as everything about it is opposite, including the appearance, however I am glad that this is not the normal mode as it does get repetitive quickly and it isn’t as challenging as the normal mode.

Aesthetically, Infinity Loop is simple but effective, it uses two colours. These colours do vary but there is always a pattern. The background will always be a calm colour, it isn’t very bright but it gives a comforting feel. Usually colours you would paint your living room to give it a cozy feel. The colours for the pieces are usually dark but they stand out to the background, so you can focus on them. This is important as it balances the colours correctly, but still makes everything pleasing to look at but it’s never too bright where it is uncomfortable to look at. The Dark Mode on the other hand uses dull colours, the background is always a dark colour and the shapes are always slightly lighter, but the colour of the shapes is like neon so it stands out against the darker background.

Background music is a key feature in this game, it is calm and relaxing. It isn’t distracting and is suited for the game very well. For mobile games I will usually have my own music playing in the background, however I kept this music on as it was soothing. Also with the music being calming it is great for when you get frustrated at the game, so I assume this is why the developers used this sort of music. With it being a key feature in this game, I have tried playing the game with no sound and personally I hated it, because you are only left with the sound effects from the game from when you tap the pieces. The sound effects are good and I think both the background music and sound effects both compliment each other, if you don’t have one, the other can become repetitive and irritating to listen to.

Infinity Loop

Overall, Infinity Loop is an interesting and great game to play. It is a simple game to grasp the concept of and it does provide endless hours of fun. According to the developers there is an infinite amount of levels to complete. The game doesn’t have many features but you can’t expect much as it is just a mobile game used to pass the time, not a game which you will play for hours on end to reach an objective. The only downfall I noticed with this game was that I stumbled upon the Dark Mode by accident, there was nothing that told me that the mode existed until you go into the pause menu. It is a great game but that is the only problem with it to be honest.

Infinity Loop


  • Enjoyable game to pass the time
  • Simple to understand
  • Two modes available


  • No explanation of the second mode until you find it


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