Why Indie Games Could be the Future of Gaming

Indie Games

Indie games are the hidden gems among the gaming community, these games are created from small groups of people (can even be a solo developer) and are usually not given enough credit they deserve from the effort that goes into them. That is one of the reasons why Orange Bison is here, to give you more recognition and credit for your work. So why am I writing this article you ask? Well after working for Orange Bison for over two months now, and playing plenty of indie games, I have realised how these games could be the future of gaming, after Call Of Duty dies out (which if they don’t stop with all of the super jumps etc it will happen very soon). Why could indie games be the future, read on to find out more on why I think this.

First of all, indie developers always have original ideas, unlike most AAA games which just recycle ideas or you can tell that the ideas are copied from other games, for example Destiny was made by Bungie who are developers of Halo. With both destiny and halo being made by the same developer, you can see noticeable similarities between both games such as the playstyle and how the game feels. With indie games, even if they are the same genre they feel completely different. I have played two side scrollers (Limbo and Inside) and even though they play the same, the feeling from both of them is completely different and nothing is alike (apart from the playstyle). So that’s one small reason why indie games can be the future, no matter if they are sequels or different games from the same genre, nothing feels like it is ‘copied and pasted’ from other games.

Indie Games

Another reason is the fact that most indie games can fuse together various genre’s into one game. Caveblazers, for example uses an RPG style inventory system as well as the items you can collect, however it is also a side scroller, it is great to play games like this as it truly shows what imagination can do. Meanwhile most AAA games stick to one genre and focus on that, which can make the game repetitive especially when there’s not much you can change up with first person shooters after years of them being done (even though Battlefield is going back to WW1 so that is going to be exciting).

There are also games like Gone Home where it gives the feeling of horror, and that at any moment something will jump out at you and scare you, (sort of a spoiler here) but it is actually a love story and it surprises me how little horror there is actually in the game (spoiler over now). This is something I have never seen in AAA games, and indie games always manage to find a way of providing unique experiences in games that even surprise me after the majority of my life has been spent gaming. Maybe one day AAA games will adopt this outlook on games (that you can have two genres in one game which can be completely different genres) or maybe indie games will use this more frequently and get more notice for it, leading them to get more funding from the community for other games.

Indie Games

Cosplay. One thing that is becoming more and more popular in each comic con and gaming expo is cosplay. What is cosplay? It is basically a fancy name for fancy dress, but you dress as comic or game characters. These cosplays can range from being cheap to make/buy or really expensive to make/buy, especially when it comes to game characters where you have to pay attention to detail more and usually have to make them yourself. One thing I noticed about indie games is that the characters are simple but effective looking, so for cosplay this is great because you can create a simple and hopefully cheap cosplay, meaning you have more money for more indie games and comics (maybe even indie comics). Imagine, if you are a cosplayer, being able to do an amazing cosplay and it being cheap so you save more money, it would be a great time. Indie games in the long run could become the future through being recognised more through cosplay as well.

Indie Games

Finally, I love how steam has the early access page (if you haven’t checked it out go look at it) this has some great upcoming indie games such as Caveblazers, where you play the game while it is still in development and you can help give the developers guidance on how to improve the game. The great thing is that the indie developers involve the community in the game completely, you get to see as well as play the game while the development process is being complete, when I reviewed Caveblazers it was still in Alpha stages of the game, and I still play it now as the development is continuing and while the updates are rolling out.

AAA games only have betas (most AAA games still don’t do this) where you get involved with some of the development, but it is mainly multiplayer to give help with that, to be honest the betas are mainly to play the game early for a week, and not to give any help with the development apart from to buff/nerf weapons in the game. However, with indie games you get completely involved and obviously the game will have a limit to it but in the next update hopefully the limit will improve. As well as this indie developers also get you an insight look into the development of the game even if it isn’t on early access on steam, social media allows them to share the content. People who I follow on Twitter such as Matt Barber who is a solo developer, is always showing content from within the game while he is making it. Involving the community like this is great and it makes the indie developer feel like they care about their audience rather than some AAA games you never see the development process, which is also great fro people like me who want to get into the games development industry. Go follow @IndieDevM on twitter to keep up to date on his creation.

Indie Games

So ladies and gentlemen that is the end of the article, I do want to say that I am not hating on any AAA company as most of them do great work but I have noticed Indie games deserve all the credit they get, for many reasons such as they don’t have hundreds of employees like some AAA companies. The games that are produced can be absolutely fantastic from indie developers such as Outlast, gone Home, Caveblazers and more. So go check out @IndieDevM and @CadencElsewhere as well as the games I have mentioned in the article.

I am a passionate gamer who has spent the majority of my life gaming. I enjoy reviewing the games I play, as well as actually playing the game to its full potential. I spend most of my free time playing video games and reading comics (especially DC) listening to music and also doing my own YouTube videos. I enjoy playing any type of games, such as RPG and FPS. I hope to actually become a game developer in the future if all goes to plan, or if my career changes then a video game journalist would also be amazing.

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