Finally A Home For Indie Games at Orange Bison!

We have lots planned for you! If you love Indie games then this is the place for you!

orange bison launch

Orange Bison Has Launched!

Mark this date in your calendars everyone! Orange Bison brings you a new experience. We are a game news and review website built on the community. Our focus is on indie developers and small studios.

Why are we focusing on indie games? Well quite simply the indie game market is producing some amazing games. The quality and innovation in many cases are surpassing the AAA game studios and we just don’t think they are getting the attention they deserve.

What to expect

At Orange Bison you can expect to see game news, reviews, interviews, videos and live streams. We have big ambitions for the future and we want you to join us on our journey. We want to see an active thriving community.

On our platform we give you the ability to submit your own review and score it accordingly. This community spirit will help give a more accurate depiction for those who read the review and make an informed decision should they wish to purchase.

We have big ambitions for the future and we want you to join us on our journey.

Videos & Live Streams

Yes you heard us! We have big plans for video and will be setting up live streams for you. Join us as we play games for the first time and engage with us directly.


We will be working closely with developers and designers releasing new game titles and will be bringing you some exclusives where possible for Orange Bison readers only. What items I hear you say? Controller skins, t-shirts and signed game art to name a few!

Local Event Coverage

We can’t be everywhere at once, not immediately anyway. Until we have achieved World Domination we will have to settle with local game event coverage such as expos and comicons.

Join Us!

We want you to join us, follow us on twitter, share the games you want us to review and engage with us. There will be competitions very soon which will be launched regularly. In the competitions you can win exclusive Orange Bison merchandise and giveaways from indie studios such as free game copies. Who doesn’t like free games?!

Are you excited? Share with us your thoughts and comment below.

Founder and Editor in Chief of I created Orange Bison to help promote indie games and small game studios. I feel they don't get the coverage they deserve. When I am not playing games I enjoy trying new things. Anyone up for parachuting from a hot air balloon?

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