Front Yard Wars Review


The Age Old Battle of Cats Vs Dogs

Front Yard Wars felt to me like someone mixed “Clash of Clans” with “Plants VS Zombies”.

When I first picked up Front Yard Wars, I expected to play yet another “Clash of Clans” type of game but was instead met with a unique and challenging puzzle game with lite RTS gameplay functionality. I’ll explain more on the game’s functionality later but for now, let’s just say Front Yard Wars felt to me like someone mixed “Clash of Clans” with “Plants VS Zombies”. A combination I think came out really well in front yard wars. The only thing I dislike about the game is that in its current state you can only play as the cats. I think it would be nice to choose the side of the dogs as well but either way it is still a fun game that I enjoyed playing and had a lot of fun with.

front yard wars

I found Front Yard Wars’ presentation of the game to be top notch. Visually, everything looks amazing. I love that the game features original artwork and animations for each cat, as well as the initial opening that features all the dogs as well. The music is light and calm while not in battle but becomes upbeat when the player chooses to play a certain stage. Though only two pieces of music appear to be used, I believe they were well implemented to set the tone and atmosphere for the player. Even the UI was well designed as I found it to be very user friendly. I honestly can’t find anything wrong with Front Yard Wars’ presentation at all. The game follows a particular theme and executes it very well.

front yard wars

As far as gameplay goes, the game functions similar to an RTS game when not in battle. Front Yard Wars have players build troops that they have to take into battle. Troops take a certain length of time to build but you can spend gems in order to speed up the process. However, besides these two factors, Front Yard Wars functions very differently from any other RTS game I’ve played. For example, the “battles” take place on a grid and involves placing units that must break through the enemies’ defenses in order to get their treasure. Essentially, I found it to function like “Plants VS Zombies” battle system but in reverse. As in the troops you train are the “zombies” that would try and enter the house, except replace zombies with cats and the house with treasure.

The enemy defenses are setup based on the chosen stage.

Furthermore, the game functions on a 3 star stage system where the player only gets 3 stars for the stage if they steal all of the dog’s treasure for that level. Now while this game may have a “battle” system, it is classified as an action puzzle game for a reason. The enemy defenses are setup based on the chosen stage and involve placing enough units that will break through the defenses on that lane. As the player advances through the stages, they collect power stones which can be used to increase the stats of a certain unit. Leveling up is much needed as the dog’s defenses also increase in levels as the game becomes more difficult.

All of these factors tie into how Front Yard Wars keeps players engaged in playing the game. Not only does the increasing difficulty help keep the player’s interest but having a 3 star system ensures that competitive players will play a level multiple times until they have achieved 3 stars for that level. Also, if a player is ever having trouble with a certain level, they can go back to previous stages in order to collect power stones for leveling up their troops.

front yard wars

I have no problems with Front Yard Wars and would recommend it to others to play. While it may be designed to look and feel like an RTS, Front Yard Wars is still a puzzle game at its core and thus I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy playing puzzle games. I say definitely give it a try if you like Action Puzzle Games, RTS games, or Strategy games. If you like playing those types of games then I believe you would enjoy playing Front Yard Wars when it is finally released. If you liked the review and feel like this is a game you would enjoy playing then make sure to follow the game’s development by clicking the links down below and help it get added into the Steam library. Other than that, thanks for reading, and Happy Game Making!


  • Original artwork
  • Unique gameplay
  • Challenging but fun


  • Feels like an RTS despite being a puzzle game
  • Only able to side with cats in cats vs dogs game


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