The Forest Beyond Launch On KickStarter!

The Forest Beyond

The Forest Beyond is not just your average game production, its practically a media revolution. In an age heavily dominated by digital content, The Forest Beyond wishes to bring real craftsmanship back into the… Well.. Craft!

How? By utilizing the art of stop-motion animation, meaning the whole world is built by hand, and not on a computer. Stop motion is the art of moving an object frame by frame in front of a camera to give it the appearance of life. Most often these objects are armature puppets, as is the case in the Forest Beyond, and they are photographed one frame at a time, as the animator changes their position ever so slightly to create an illusion of movement. Have you ever watched a Wallace and Gromit short film and felt that this was special and different from other animated movies? Have you felt like it was a real physical world you were looking at, and thus felt closer to the characters? Did they manage to make you feel at home in their cosy little brick house? The Forest Beyond aims to do the same!

Check out the Kickstarter video below.

The creators behind The Forest Beyond is the professional development duo Andreas Husballe and Christophe Peladan. With The Forest Beyond they hope to create the best children´s game possible, a game that will help teach children some useful foundations for their school life as well as offering them a charming and compelling environment to do all that learning! The Forest Beyond has a strong focus on positive reinforcement: as the main character Fenn, wanders the woods he always tries to help his friends along the way. The game also aims at initiating in the young ones an early interest in nature and its wonders. If you want to help make this world a reality, or even make your mark on it, then head over to the offical Kickstarter page and support the production today!

Don’t forget you can also follow the progress of The Forest Beyond on their website, twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube pages.

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