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Duplexer is an amazing 3D puzzle game that is currently available on Steam for $6.99 by “Vantage Games”. With the ability to push and pull certain blocks, the player must navigate their way through huge levels in order to find the exit. With 100 different levels to play with a time related score, Duplexer makes for a great puzzle game.


I want to start off by saying that I found Duplexer to be a very fun and challenging game. What makes it great in my opinion is that it revolves around a simple mechanic and the levels are designed to get the player to think outside the box. In each level, the room is filled with different types of blocks and the player has the ability to push and pull blocks of a certain color. Levels require the player find an elevated exit door by pulling/pushing the blocks they can.

While this sounds simple, I assure you it’s not. The only other ability the player has is the ability to jump up 1 block height which is needed to get to virtually all of the exit doors. Since not all of the blocks can be manipulated, the player has to work hard to make sure they place blocks in such a way that allows the player to jump from one block to the next without falling. As the player advances through the game, the levels become increasingly harder by adding new types of blocks or other factors to the game with makes it more difficult to traverse to the exit.


In addition to having great gameplay, I think the developers also did a great job of adding some replayability value to the game as well. Most non-random puzzle games lacks long term engagement since players may feel reluctant to replay the same puzzles again. In Duplexer on the other hand, it has a score that is represented in the term of how long it took the player to get to the exit. This gives players a reason to replay the same levels over again in an effort to get a better score and to do some speed runs against their friends. Furthermore, the game contains 100 different challenging levels that takes some time to complete with the plan to release more levels in the future. Even though the game needs to be purchased, the developers state on their Steam page that all future levels will be free to play and download. The player only needs to pay one price and can continuously get new free levels in the future.


Though I did have fun playing Duplexer and probably would recommend it to others, since it is a commercial game I would also like to discuss my feelings towards the price and whether or not if it is worth buying. Personally I feel that $6.99 is a bit much for this game but I know several people who spend that much on Steam games all the time. Also the free DLC levels in the future does make the price seem more acceptable. Still, I would only suggest buying if it sounds very appealing to you. The reason I state this is because while the game can be fun, it can also be very tedious. On several levels I had to stop working on some puzzles and try them out again later. The average puzzle took me anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes to complete assuming I didn’t make any mistakes. I think I should also note that most mistakes will be made because of the jumping mechanic. The pushing and pulling of blocks is simple and works perfectly but jumping on the other hand several times causing the player to jump either too far or too short to a desired location and usually requires precise spacing to jump where the player wants to go. Due to these factors, I would only suggest buying this game if you really love to play puzzle games or games that force the player to think outside the box. Unless you fit that category, I fear you would only end up playing maybe the first 5 or so levels and move on to another game.


In conclusion, Duplexer can be a fun game if you enjoy playing puzzle games a lot. Personally, I feel that if you only somewhat like puzzle games then I think you should move on due to the price. These are my personal feelings though and if you think the game is worth it, then go ahead and buy it. I liked playing it and felt that I really had to think outside the box in order to solve many of the more challenging levels. Plus with the simple mechanics, it is easy to pick up and get used to. That being said, if you do download the game, I hope you have as much fun playing Duplexer as I did!


  • Simple mechanics
  • Challenging but fun levels


  • Price
  • Jumping mechanic needs precise spacing


I am just a typical game enthusiast. When not designing, developing, or learning about games I spend my spare time writing reviews for other indie developers. I believe that feedback is the most important thing for a developer so that they can learn how to improve their work and make their next game even better than their last.

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