Cats Are Liquid Review

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I suppose this game is the result of a strange conjunction of minimalist environments, solid platforming, and a cute cat. The end result? A satisfying cat platformer. The premise of this game is you play a cat who has the interesting ability to turn into liquid. This introduces another level of complexion which trumps other titles that share the genre. As you progress through the levels, there are additional abilities that can be gained. This is all while the levels introduce the player to new concepts.
Cats are Liquid

The storytelling is mostly through written text in the background. The narrator if you will, writes of what the cat is experiencing at the time. For example, when a new obstacle is introduced, the narrator will have some comment about it. It’s actually all written nicely. So much so, that the text or narrator becomes a character on it’s own with it’s own personality. The cute comments about how long a level will be, or how lava can hurt the cat, really adds a layer of personality.

The level progression is pretty organic, and more difficult the further you proceed. Each new concept adds another layer of complexity in completing the level. The checkpoints are pretty fair, and while I’ll say there are more difficult platformers out there, this one isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Though, it may seem that way in the first few levels. Each chapter contains subtle changes in the background, such as the colour palette. While the minimal design may seem too simple, it’s subtle enough to be different from the previous levels.

Cats are Liquid

This may sound odd but the innocence of playing as a cat just floating around and traveling around a cloud-like atmosphere was really relaxing. The music paired with the visuals and subtle background felt really relaxing and made the overall experience better. This is a platformer yes, but I felt as if I was playing inside of a giant cloud. The game doesn’t really punish you for losing your lives and there are no harsh death sounds either. Meanwhile I’m so accustomed to hearing screaming after an unsuccessful jump, or some kind of splatter sound when landing improperly. So much so that it became hardwired into my brain. Then I’m introduced to this platformer, where it isn’t as harsh if you fail.

Cats are Liquid

There are a ton of levels here and many different ways to tackle each one. Go ahead and take your time, making sure to utilise each of your abilities. Oh, a challenge you say? Sure go ahead and only use liquid form. Actually, that’s what I did for quite a while, since in liquid form you travel faster. It’s a risk to speed through the level in liquid form, but hey I think I’ve played enough Super Meat Boy to take on the challenge… Kinda. Anyway, there are only a few moments where you are forced to play a certain way, such as when you’re introduced to a new ability or when you have no choice but to turn into liquid to squeeze through certain parts. Otherwise, it’s all up to you how you tackle the challenge.

With all of these experiences, I was happy to give the score this game earned. I’m sure you could argue a number higher or lower, but with this score it was pretty solid (hehe). Most of the games I review here are more on the dark side, and this was a nice break from all of the horror. Imagine that though, Cats Are Horror. I would totally play that… Someone should email the devs about that. Please.


  • Cat is cute
  • Backgrounds are simple yet refined
  • Multiple ways to tackle levels


  • After a while the backgrounds get repetitive
  • Wish there were more night levels


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