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In Celebration of Violence Interview with Julien Edison

I had the pleasure of interviewing Julien Edison, the developer of the Early Access fantasy action rougelite; In Celebration of Violence. Having played his game for a number of hours and getting a feel for it I had a few questions for him, and he was more than happy to answer. What is the untold story behind In Celebration of Violence? What’s the premise and plot here? The story really exist...[Read More]

Michael Makivic: College Student by Day VR Game Developer by Night

Are you a tired college student who has no time to achieve personal goals because you have too much schoolwork?  Well guess what, you really are as pathetic as you sound. No but seriously, why is it that some college students can’t manage their academics let alone other endeavors, while there are others that can balance academics, internships and personal goals? Maybe it comes down to genetics, or...[Read More]

The Entrance of Collapsus to Puzzle Gaming – Interview with Jay Kidd

Oh no, not another block orientated puzzle game. Yes at first glance Collapsus may look like Candy Crush or one of the many knock off versions. However, developer Jay Kidd says Collapsus really is one of a kind. Jay is part of Wraith Games, an indie development company located in Hamilton, Ohio. The Wraith team started as a bunch of high school friends who just wanted to develop some video games. ...[Read More]

Noisy Neighbours Interview – The Forest Beyond

Regular readers will recall an article a couple of weeks ago featuring The Forest Beyond by Noisy Neighbours – an independent animation and games studio out of Viborg, Denmark – and the recently launched Kickstarter supporting the game’s development. I won’t regurgitate any of those details here but, suffice it to say, if you didn’t read it, you should. The game really caught Orange Bi...[Read More]

Cadence is Elsewhere Interview with Mark Warner

Mark Warner has a very interesting sense of humour. Its a mix of dark, grumpy, mischievous and a little adventurous which is all seen in the work completed so far on Cadence is Elsewhere. Mark and I have developed a bit of a Twitter rapport over the last couple of months with our gentle ribbing about each others ‘side of the pond’ and the spelling of ‘maths’ (not ‘mat...[Read More]

Interview with Game Development Academy Graduate and 3D Modeller Chloe Gowdy

In September 2015 Northern Ireland’s Department for Employment and Learning launched the first Game Development Academy. The Academy was the creation of Northern Ireland’s game development companies with support from the Department, Invest NI, NI Screen and Northern Regional College, in conjunction with South West College and Southern Regional College. The goal of the Academy was (and is) to allow...[Read More]

Interview With Justin French: Upcoming RTS Game Failure a Possible Addition to E-sports?

How many times have you failed? Where were you? When was it? How many people did your mistake effect? What if your failure cost your friends and family everything. As our technological advances continues to grow at an exponential rate; every aspect of our lives is being stored in Cyberspace. It’s only a matter of time before our online world will become as tangible as the physical world we l...[Read More]

Interview with Shaz Yousaf: BFF or DIE

Video gaming was built on the back of multiplayer. Even in the prehistoric days of “Pong,” two players were essential. In recent years, this has evolved into whole genres based around competitive and cooperative gameplay. However, the “couch” in couch co-op has been abandoned for online play. Split-screen gaming is going the way of the life, the password, and the cheat code; extinct. Honeytribe St...[Read More]

Interview with David Stanley of Skelattack

Many a day I have spent pillaging the multitude of castles and dungeons lying in waste upon these lands. All in search of plentiful loot and treasures. I have cut down the demons, monsters and skeletons that infest such places. I am a true hero, as are you if you have been so brave to play games that feature a dashing knight or a magical sage in search of greatness and glory. Yes, we are such grea...[Read More]

Interview: A Rite From The Stars And Possible Hostage Situation?

Toawea io numoa na latu wata tu poka Huna Hotuteku pule li Hokuna. Did I just have a mini stroke? No of course not I was writing in Makoa couldn’t you tell. What I said was “Today I want to speak with you about A Rite from the Stars.” Taking place on the mystical Island of Kaikala, A Rite from the Stars is a truly unique game following the ritual passage into adulthood of the Makoa, an indig...[Read More]

Developer Interview with Leendert Oomen – Antraxx

Antraxx is a massively multiplayer, isometric mech shooter – coming to browsers and Steam –  with a heavy emphasis on teamwork, replayability and completely customizable mechs and zones. Boasting multiple game modes and in-depth faction politics and economy systems, it allows you to play the game how you wish.  With a completely 3D engine rendering hand-drawn pixel art with dynamic lig...[Read More]

Developer Interview: Cosy Goat – Creator of New Sandbox Game ‘Seasteader’

Seasteader is a brand new city builder game currently in development by an equally brand new British studio named ‘Cosy Goat’. The studio is currently made up of just two people working as hard as they can to bring us a great game and from what I’ve seen of Seasteader so far it looks like they’re doing a fantastic job! I’m personally very excited to get playing the game upon release and I encourag...[Read More]

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