William Barboza

Will Barboza is a professional writer from Kansas. He's also a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, with a major in film and screenwriting. When he's not writing or playing video games, he can most likely be found drinking a beer at Wrigley Field. Some of his favorite games include, Max Payne 3, NHL 16, Tie Fighter, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Uncharted 2.

Interview with Shaz Yousaf: BFF or DIE

Video gaming was built on the back of multiplayer. Even in the prehistoric days of “Pong,” two players were essential. In recent years, this has evolved into whole genres based around competitive and cooperative gameplay. However, the “couch” in couch co-op has been abandoned for online play. Split-screen gaming is going the way of the life, the password, and the cheat code; extinct. Honeytribe St...[Read More]

Top Ten Indie Game Soundtracks & Scores

Music has the ability to make us laugh, cry, and dance. So it’s no wonder that a perfectly timed song in a film, tv show, or video game can really make or break a moment. This is especially true with indie games. Unlike their triple A counterparts, the indie crowd tends to implement smaller sounds, and less of the bombastic orchestras found in series like “Battlefield” or “Elder Scrolls.” Below ar...[Read More]

Doorkickers User Reviews

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Doorkickers Review

The most satisfying part of “Door Kickers” can come from watching, not playing. After carefully planning out a tight tactical assault on a house full of terrorists, it’s supremely satisfying watching a digital swat team execute those orders to perfection. Contrarily, few things can be as frustrating as a simple planning error resulting in the death of a hostage and 3 SWAT members. “Door Kickers...[Read More]



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Rock Paper Shotgun: Best Tactics Of 2014

A realtime strategy game. Control your SWAT team and plan well!

Kentucky Route Zero User Reviews

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Kentucky Route Zero Review

It’s twilight. Only the stars and sunlight morphing into each other are visible. Fluorescent lights on their last legs are the lone source of warmth in the fall landscape. An airy song plays, emphasizing the emptiness of the country side. For a moment, the player watches the stars fade away. Only for a moment though. This is “Kentucky Route Zero.” What is “Kentucky Route Zero?” Created by develope...[Read More]



Kentucky Route Zero

Game Developers Choice - Best Narrative - 2015

A point and click adventure about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky with a real focus on characterisation.

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