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I'm Thomas aka SabotageTheFool, I've been a gamer my entire life. I love the indie game scene and I've been involved with it at every opportunity. I used to be very active on YouTube but the channel is taking a bit of hiatus and I need a way to express myself and make content. When my boyfriend told me about OrangeBison it sounded perfect! We're now both accepted contributors and I look forward to producing content. Beyond gaming (which I do a LOT of) I play guitar, mandolin, and sing, and I used to kickbox. I'm also a big ol' nerd at heart and love many series and movies.

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The Last Leviathan

Development Awards - Best Desktop Downloadable Winner 2017

Creativity seems to be a major focus point in many games these days, whether it be full world access such as is in Minecraft, or designing individual creations like in Besiege; another game to follow in the footsteps of the latter is “The Last Leviathan” which has been labelled as “besiege with boats” by many who are fans of both, but does this title sink, float, or sail among the sea of games out...[Read More]

Sleepy Mouse News

An Interview from the Developer of Sleepy Mouse: Dan Norris

Following up from my review of the cheese sliding puzzle game Sleepy Mouse I got to interview the developer Dan Norris (StartGetReady). I wanted to know what the future of the hangry mouse is, and what else the developer has going on behind the scenes. Where did the idea of a “hangry” mouse come from? For Sleepy Mouse I wanted to make a 2D puzzle game, with a cute character that was si...[Read More]



The Final Station

Dev Gamm! Awards Minsk 2015 Grand Prize.

One man's journey during the potential apocalypse.



The Final Station Review

Having finished The Final Station I was left unsure of how to feel… however as the end of a game is a dubious place to start a review, I’ll start at the beginning: The Final Station is a 2D game with side scrolling, shooting, puzzle elements, resource managing, and is very difficult to assign a genre to. The real main focus of the game is the story it boasts and the atmosphere that it creates. You...[Read More]

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