Misky Miskimmin

Hi, I'm Misky! I'm a huge video game enthusiast and I spend just about all my time playing one game or another. I can play the drums which I learned from playing Rock Band but unfortunately I've yet to learn magic or hand to hand combat despite many attempts at trying; I guess not everything you do in a video game carries over to the real world. I'm vegetarian and if I'm not playing video games I'm probably asleep.



Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is an appropriately fast-paced racing game that manages to capture a bright and colourful aesthetic similar to games from the 16-bit era but while taking full advantage of some more modern graphical improvements. The game was developed by ‘Aquiris Game Studio‘ and released earlier this year for Steam and PlayStation 4. The developers say they are also working hard o...[Read More]

An Interview with David Mitchell AKA Mitch – Game Director, Lead Design behind upcoming title The Mannequin

The Mannequin is an up and coming PC and Mac horror game arriving next year. We know very little about the game so far but I managed to get in touch with ‘Two Tails Games’ (The developers) to ask a few questions and see what I could find out about them and their game. Well then, first question! Where did you get your studio name ‘Two Tails games’ from? Any mythological infl...[Read More]

Iron Tides Preview

Iron Tides is a Kickstarter success story, currently in development by the new and small Canadian indie developers ‘Crash Wave Games’. The kickstarter had a goal of CA$19,000 (£11,386) but ended up with a grand total of CA$32,756 (£19,630). The campaign ended a little while ago but unless you’re reading this sometime late in to next year, it’s not too late for you to contri...[Read More]

Beat Cop Preview

When I first started playing Beat Cop I had the impression I was in for a Hotline Miami clone or some classic GTA type of game. Boy was I very happy to be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Hotline Miami or classic GTA, I just like to be surprised. Before playing the game I had never heard of the term ‘beat cop’, but a quick google search revealed to me that i...[Read More]

Balls Preview

Balls is a new mobile game currently being developed by Jason Tuyen Games, a one-man operation. Remember when you were a kid and you’d hit a balloon up in to the air and try to keep it up for as long as possible? Add some fun music, some spikes on your walls and you pretty much have this game, ‘Balls’. There isn’t a whole lot more for me to say about the surface of the game...[Read More]

Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire Images



Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire Review

Honey Rose is one of those games that isn’t easy to label in to just one genre. Most of the game is a visual novel but it has an equally as important ‘Beat’em up’ side of things. I also really enjoyed the art work of this game too; it’s rather reminiscent of a more modern comic book style but with a hint of something else in there that makes it instantly recognisable ...[Read More]



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Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire

Help train Honey Rose to become the best fighter she can be while also making sure she does well in school.

Developer interview: Akumu games – Creator of new action, puzzle, adventure game ‘ikenie’

Akumu games is an up and coming developer behind the game ‘ikenie’. ‘ikenie’ is a action, puzzle, adventure game made with RPG maker and a lot of hard work. I’ve also got a review of this game in the works so keep your eyes peeled for that! Akumu took the time to speak with me and answered every question so well I have very little to add up here so without further ado...[Read More]

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