Matthew Goss

I’ve been a gamer from a young age, when I was introduced to pong on the Atari and I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with the consoles now classed as retro. I Game a lot on the PS4 but also have my Wii, N64, NES and SNES classic minis set up to fulfill my desires, my all time favourite game is paperboy.

NEWSFLASH – PlayStation Classic Announced

Sony have joined the race and stole the limelight for this years classic console from Nintendo and announced today the PlayStation Classic; a mini version of the iconic PlayStation 1 console that is going to be out in time for the Christmas season. Sony have announced the console will come with 20 games pre-loaded, with the full lineup yet to be announced, but with so many classics available on th...[Read More]

NEWSFLASH – Log Jammers Kickstarter Goes LIVE

From Mega Cat Studios comes the latest in a long line of games, LOG JAMMERS! Log Jammers is a retro feel competitive arcade sports game featuring axe-throwing, blade catching action with multiple characters to choose from and a multitude of different arenas to compete in.The game is ready for release on PC, and NES for the retro gamers who like to collect new cartridges, with a standard option or ...[Read More]

Career Feature and Interview with Mike Dailly

Mike Dailly is a computer game programmer who grew up in Dundee, Scotland – the home of the comics Beano and Dandy. Mike’s interest in computers started when he was 13, when his friend had a ZX81, which Mikes mum later acquired for him. At first, he played around with basic creating simple programs, before moving on to a snake game in assembler that was available on the back of a magazine. A...[Read More]



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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot evokes strong memories in me, as it was my first foray into the world of Sony PlayStation. As a 12-year-old back in 1996 in the North West of England, I had asked for a PlayStation for Christmas as had my elder brother. We decided one day whilst our parents were out, that we would have a root around for our Christmas presents and we struck gold (well more orange then gold); we had ...[Read More]

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