Martin Harder

I have been an avid gamer since the age of four, when my parents gave my sister and I a Binatone TV Master 4 +2, and I've been a retro gamer since well before I knew what a retro gamer actually was. I never "went back" to the old systems - I just never stopped playing them.

Roms and Emulation – Part 2

Disclaimer: As stated in part 1, downloading ROM files of games that you don’t own is illegal, and neither Orange Bison nor anybody affiliated with the website will be held responsible. In this article, I talk about my own research into the laws governing trademark and copyright issues in the UK. However, I am not a legal expert, and the article is not intended to be used as an in-depth refe...[Read More]

Roms and Emulation – Part 1

Okay, let’s get this out of the way straight off the bat: Downloading any software that you haven’t paid for through the proper channels, unless said software has been made freely available by the copyright holder, is piracy. It’s not a “grey area”, it’s not okay if you delete it after 24 hours, it is illegal. If you want to take that risk then neither myself, the company, ...[Read More]

An Interview With Octav1us – YouTube Content Creator and Retro Gamer

It’s often difficult to find something different on YouTube, especially in the retro gaming community.  Wave after wave of angry reviewers and sweary lets-players with an over-reliance on extreme close-ups can wear you down after a while.  Thank goodness then for people like Octav1us (real name Sarah). 



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Sonic Classic Heros Rom Hack

DISCLAIMER: Roms, Hacking, and Emulation may require legal permission from the copyright or IP holder. Orange Bison cannot be held responsible for any consequences of the inappropriate use of roms, hacks or emulation. Please check your national or local laws before downloading or using. Have you ever played Sonic Heroes and wondered how well the team mechanic would transfer to the 2D Sonic the Hed...[Read More]

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