Ellie Punn

According to my license I’m an adult… I think that means I can perform a citizen’s arrest now. When I’m not protecting civilians I enjoy indulging in sci-fi or martial art movies. I play videogames when I can’t fall asleep, and if that doesn't work I fistfight the ghosts in my basement. Nice to meet you.

Interview: A Rite From The Stars And Possible Hostage Situation?

Toawea io numoa na latu wata tu poka Huna Hotuteku pule li Hokuna. Did I just have a mini stroke? No of course not I was writing in Makoa couldn’t you tell. What I said was “Today I want to speak with you about A Rite from the Stars.” Taking place on the mystical Island of Kaikala, A Rite from the Stars is a truly unique game following the ritual passage into adulthood of the Makoa, an indig...[Read More]

The Game Composer’s Toolkit: Interview with Ashton Mills

What would you consider to be a universal language? Some might say love, mathematics, music…maybe even all three. In my personal opinion, and experiences, the first two examples are far from universal so I’ll just go with music. But on a serious note music truly is a universal language. It is an aspect of creativity and communication that is found in all cultures and generations of human life on e...[Read More]

From AAA to Indie: Interview with Jeff Spoonhower on Anew: The Distant Light

Is it just me or does there seem to be an influx of AAA developers and designers jumping ship from major studios. Hey I’m not complaining, that means more quality developed indie games for us. Whatever the reason, it is clear that these days the indie market is attracting more than just college hopefuls. I had the chance to interview Jeff Spoonhower who previously worked on AAA games such as such ...[Read More]

An Interview with Michael Torreiter – Artist, Narrator and Writer of Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure

Continuing on with our interview series with the makers behind Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure, I caught up with Michael Torreiter. Michael is the artist, narrator and writer. Here’s what Michael had to say. Is this the first book you have written? And do you have any other stories you are currently working on? This is the first book I have written! I am not working on any sto...[Read More]

Indie Mobile Games: Providing A Platform For Middle Eastern Voices

Image source: Northwest University in Qatar It’s no secret that the mobile gaming market is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s the mindlessly addicting Flappy Bird, or visually striking Infinity Blade these games are available whenever and wherever you want them. If a game has the perfect blend of challenge, aesthetics, and fun it can catch like a wild fire. In places such as Europe, ...[Read More]

An Interview with Mathilda – Star and Voice Artist of Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure

I recently interviewed Kevin Field, the Head Developer behind Willy and Mathilda’s houseboat adventure. I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up with Mathilda, the star herself for her input. What’s it like being the main character of a book and now soon to be indie game? Normal. (She didn’t want to add anything to that…) (Kev) Is this your first experience being a voic...[Read More]

Mjölnir Software: Crucible Update and Future Plans with CEO and Developer Zach Simmons

I hear a storm raging far in the distance. Should we expect the terror of the Norse gods? Floods? Famine? Plagues? Or perhaps that thunder is originating from elsewhere? As it turns out that thunderous noise is coming from the keystrokes over at Mjölnir Software. They may not be wielding a mythical hammer but they mean business. If you were unaware this international independent team of artists, p...[Read More]

An Interview with Kevin Field – Head Developer of Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure

Willy and Mathilda’s House Boat Adventure is an indie game developed by the team and contributors of In the Beginning was the Word Game. This whimsical story was originally a book created for the sake of friendship. Soon this book came to life through its video game version. Currently in the beta stage, Willy and Mathilda’s House Boat Adventure let’s players follow the story of two friends through...[Read More]

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