Ellie Punn

According to my license I’m an adult… I think that means I can perform a citizen’s arrest now. When I’m not protecting civilians I enjoy indulging in sci-fi or martial art movies. I play videogames when I can’t fall asleep, and if that doesn't work I fistfight the ghosts in my basement. Nice to meet you.

An Interview With The Team Behind Cerevrum Game – The Most Beautiful Brain Training Game In VR!

Trying to improve your cognitive abilities? Want to have greater neuroplasticity? I’m sure you have all seen the commercials, advertising sites or mobile apps that claim to improve your memory, sharpness, and decision making skills. I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you that I have tried almost all the free trials, and downloaded plenty of the memory apps with little to no success to...[Read More]

Interview with Blair Ceradsky: Artist for Mooka The Caveman

Did you know that the Tyrannous Rex’s closest living relative is the chicken? No joke! You know what also isn’t a joke, the debate on how the dinosaurs went extinct. Paleontologists get really heated over this topic; some back the theory of asteroids, while others back the theories of flash floods and volcanic eruptions. I would just like to announce that I actually know what killed off the dinosa...[Read More]

An Interview with J. Pinal and the Irreverent Software Team Behind 3AM Dead Time

Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever heard voices in the middle of the night as you restlessly try to fall asleep? Maybe things have gone missing in your house or suddenly moved across the room. Or even worse… you may have experienced  an Alien Abduction! Or a violent attack by shadow creatures! What ever your experience is with ghosts, creatures of the night, etc, we have all heard dis...[Read More]

Iron Tides: Eat, Sleep, Raid, Repeat – An Interview with Developers Carina Kom and Sam Raski

It’s no secret that the Vikings were one of history’s most fearsome societies. They have been described as ruthless, scary, violent … and smelly. When the Vikings arrived on foreign shores they were not signing peace treaties to say the least. Luckily in the upcoming game Iron Tides there is no need to fear the Vikings, or their odor. No, instead you get to play as the notorious Viking...[Read More]

An Interview with Ashton Mills and Jennifer Field – Composers behind Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure

We have spoken with Kevin Field the head developer behind the game. We have also spoken to Mathilda herself and Michael Torreiter the artist narrator and writer. Now we speak with Ashton Mills and Jennifer Field who are the composers behind this beautiful story.   How did you get involved with IBwWG and the Willy and Mathilda House Boat Adventure? (AM)    So I reached out to Kevin from IBwWG ...[Read More]

Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure

Discover the imaginative world of the two travelling neighbours and the friends they meet along the way.

Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure News

Powargrid Pre Release Interview with Willem de Neve and Michiel Konstapel

Power! I need more Power! Oh eh hem… I mean Powar! On October 5th the Wee Free Studio released their new strategy game Powargrid. You can read our review here. Powargrid is Wee Free’s first completed title and the team hopes to shock some life into turn-based strategy games with some unique features and abilities. The game takes place in a world where creatures called “Blobbies” are constantly wag...[Read More]

Michael Makivic: College Student by Day VR Game Developer by Night

Are you a tired college student who has no time to achieve personal goals because you have too much schoolwork?  Well guess what, you really are as pathetic as you sound. No but seriously, why is it that some college students can’t manage their academics let alone other endeavors, while there are others that can balance academics, internships and personal goals? Maybe it comes down to genetics, or...[Read More]

The Entrance of Collapsus to Puzzle Gaming – Interview with Jay Kidd

Oh no, not another block orientated puzzle game. Yes at first glance Collapsus may look like Candy Crush or one of the many knock off versions. However, developer Jay Kidd says Collapsus really is one of a kind. Jay is part of Wraith Games, an indie development company located in Hamilton, Ohio. The Wraith team started as a bunch of high school friends who just wanted to develop some video games. ...[Read More]

Interview With Justin French: Upcoming RTS Game Failure a Possible Addition to E-sports?

How many times have you failed? Where were you? When was it? How many people did your mistake effect? What if your failure cost your friends and family everything. As our technological advances continues to grow at an exponential rate; every aspect of our lives is being stored in Cyberspace. It’s only a matter of time before our online world will become as tangible as the physical world we l...[Read More]

Interview with David Stanley of Skelattack

Many a day I have spent pillaging the multitude of castles and dungeons lying in waste upon these lands. All in search of plentiful loot and treasures. I have cut down the demons, monsters and skeletons that infest such places. I am a true hero, as are you if you have been so brave to play games that feature a dashing knight or a magical sage in search of greatness and glory. Yes, we are such grea...[Read More]

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