David Stevenson

Teaching Assistant at Queen's University. PhD in film. Videogame aesthetician.



In Celebration of Violence Preview

Roguelikes are a way of life for me. I’m a huge fan of the genre. I think the appeal lies in the randomised design, where success is based not just on luck, but through an intimacy with the game’s system and its logic, which educates you to make calculated risks and manipulate the situation to your favour. Thus, I have been treated with a special preview build of Julian Edison’s In Celebration of ...[Read More]

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In Celebration of Violence

A roguelike adventure of exploration and murder!

Dark Fear User Reviews

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Dark Fear Review

Dark Fear is the latest title from the relatively unknown developer Arif Games. In a testament to the increasing variety of gameplay styles and tropes appearing on the margins of Steam, Dark Fear mixes up the classic point n’ click adventure with light RPG elements and a heavy emphasis on horror. The player is an unfortunate soul who arrives in the mysterious world with no memory of themselves or ...[Read More]



Dark Fear

A pixel horror game with RPG elements. Can you fight your way to the truth?

Graphical Styles in Games And How To Read Them

Of all the many challenges on the road to games development, one of the prickliest is the question of how a game should look. While the old adage tells us not to judge a book by its cover, we always do – on steam alone, the store page is filled with games vying for the attention of the consumer, and the inclination to select a game because its look matches our expectations (especially with t...[Read More]

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