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I have always loved playing games. My favourite genre is RPG. My first console was a Super Nintendo System. Candyfloss and pretzels in the beer garden and what have you...

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Excellence In Design Honorable Mention IGF 2016

The Universe has become a giant graveyard. You are a drone operator. Search derelict ships to find out what happened. Be warned though, you are not alone.



Duskers Review

Tim Keenan and Holly Keenan are a married couple who have founded the independent game studio ‘Misfits Attic’. One of their titles is Duskers – a tactical survival game with elements of horror. So I load up the game and suddenly I’m hit with what looks like the boot screen for my PC. Immediately all I can think about is Alien, where Ripley was talking to MOTHER using a green command line interface...[Read More]

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