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Founder and Editor in Chief of I created Orange Bison to help promote indie games and small game studios. I feel they don't get the coverage they deserve. When I am not playing games I enjoy trying new things. Anyone up for parachuting from a hot air balloon?

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An Interview With Alex Koshelkov – Founder of Crytivo and Creator of The Universim

Who remembers the good old days of God games? You know the ones I am talking about. The ones where you can wield your good or evil onto your subjects from up high. Admit it though, you were more often evil than good. Don’t deny it! I know your soul… I am talking about games such as Black & White and Populous. Ah the sweet sweet joy of throwing a poor unsuspecting member of your pop...[Read More]

Create Your Own Paradise With Castaway Paradise!

From Stolen Couch Games comes Castaway Paradise! Coming to the PS4 and Xbox One July 31st! Got a thing for Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon? Castaway Paradise was inspired by these two great titles. You can play it real cool decorate your home, grow some crops and collect washed up items on the beach or you can go super rad and hunt the most colourful bugs you can find on the island.  The point is...[Read More]

Upcoming Tactical RPG: Iron Danger

Iron Danger is currently in development by the team behind Action Squad Studios. They are an experienced team that have brought you games such as Angry Birds, Boom Beach, Bad Piggies and Quantum Break. All videos and images below are from Pre Alpha footage.  So Who Are They? Sami Timonen: Creative Director & Founder Konsta Klemetti: CEO & Co Founder Heikki-Pekka Noronen: Lead Programmer L...[Read More]

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Iron Danger

A story driven tactical RPG. Engage in battle against a variety of different threats.

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