Andrew Jeffries

Andrew has been ‘pressing start to play’ for 28 years. He was hooked by the 10 minute loading times of his very first ZX Spectrum! A media consumer of the highest level, games, music, movies and TV consumed while travelling all corners of the world. When not playing games Andrew can be found up a mountain or on the golf course, actually playing golf.



Vroom Kaboom

Vroom Kaboom’s vehicular tower rush gameplay is fast and furious and at times you get that feeling you could be Vin or Paul bringing down your opponents with a whole menagerie of crazy cars, buses, aircraft, and military ordinance. Digging deeper and moving past the nitro boosts and explosions, a clunky control scheme, and a weak campaign brings out the Tokyo Drift in the game instead of the Fast ...[Read More]



The Shrouded Isle

Is a human being inherently good or naturally evil? This question is one that has been asked throughout the ages and has been philosophised about by countless great minds. When playing Kitfox Games’ The Shrouded Isle you get to experience your dark side and take control of a sinister cult. As the cult leader, you are tasked with keeping the citizens of the island ignorant, obedient, disciplined, f...[Read More]

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Destructoid - 2016 Best Mobile Game Winner

Severed is, was a rare and unique game. It was created by its developers Drinkbox Studios exclusively for the mythical beast that was, I mean is, I think, the Playstation Vita. It has since come to Wii U, 3DS, and mobile devices, an obvious next step and very sensible business decision. That being said, there is something special about Severed and the fact that it came to Vita first says something...[Read More]



Owlboy Review

It took Michelangelo around 10 years to complete the Sistine Chapel and Davinci about 14 years to finish the Mona Lisa. These masterpieces are pillars of artistic history and their beauty evokes deep human emotion to all those that view them. Dare I mention D-Pads Studio’s Owlboy, a computer game, itself 10 years in the making, in the same breath as these two seminal works? Well……no, I am not abou...[Read More]

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GDC Play: Best In Play 2015

A beautiful high flying adventure that will fill you with wonder.



Slap Village: Reality Slap Review

Pointing and clicking has long been part of our daily routines and it comes naturally to almost everyone nowadays. Back when 8MB of RAM was king and a 500MB hard drive was more than enough storage, people would use this, then, less familiar control method to go on adventures with pirates, explore the underworld and discover the Lost City of Atlantis. Slap Village: Reality Slap harkens back to such...[Read More]

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