Cameron Phillips

I play fighting games even though I'm not good at them. I've tried to get into Final Fantasy on four separate occasions but always failed. When I’m not writing about videogames I write about pro wrestling. I’m also currently working on a sci-fi novel. I once had dinner with Rod Hull and Emu. I’ve played Scalextric with Keith Chegwin as well. Not on the same day though, it’s a bit of a long story.



The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale shouldn’t be the name of a game. Upon seeing the words written down like this on a page for the first time I really thought it was going to be a cocktail and perhaps a drinking den somewhere in a basement which… Wait, was that a gunshot? I’ve messed up, let’s start this again. The Sexy Brutale is another one of those games in which the character you control wakes up from a deep sl...[Read More]




Many moons ago, in a dark and dingy bar somewhere in the South of Scotland, I went to see a covers band play live. They were skilled musicians and the gathered crowd were really getting into hearing hits from Britpop’s heyday. Deep down though I spent the time thinking that this was simply a copy of songs that you’ve heard from better-known people. It was fun certainly, but it was never going to b...[Read More]

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