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As an indie game developer you have many spinning plates at once. With our game asset marketplace we hope to make things a little easier for you. Here come the FAQ’s.

What will be on the marketplace?

Curated assets you need to help make your game faster or perhaps even for prototyping. Game assets will include 2d and 3d graphics, sounds and music for varying themes.

I can make game assets can I add my projects to sell?

Absolutely! In fact that is the entire point of the marketplace. If you produce game assets and wish to sell them with us you will have to meet a certain standard and agree that any assets supplied on are not made available to sell anywhere else.

Why can I not sell my assets elsewhere?

As with other marketplaces or retail in general, if you supply your assets in various locations it becomes a race to the bottom on price. Who can sell for the cheapest? Your hard work becomes undervalued and those large commission promises end up paying very little.

Do I just supply anything I wish?

Everything on the marketplace will be curated and meet a high standard. On initial launch it is most likely that certain genres or themes will be selected for those who wish to supply game assets such as a horror theme. As the library grows you will have greater freedom.

How do i make money?

You will be paid a generous commission for any sales of your assets. This commission is yet to be established. We have chosen a commission structure so you are not out of pocket for listing items or tie you into a monthly payment structure. We will advertise the assets and promote at our own cost.

How can I help get traffic to my game assets?

Anyone who produces game assets exclusively for the Orange Bison community will be given an author profile on the platform. This will allow you to create posts. These posts are to give our readers more understanding of your design process, your inspiration, tools used etc. You can of course then link to your game assets within the marketplace. Feel free to share your post or assets on social media, email marketing, your own website etc.

How often are commission payments made?

Commission payments are made at the end of each month.

How do I manage my assets?

An upload facility will be created so that you can upload your assets onto our platform. It will be Orange Bison who adds this onto the marketplace and controls the price. You will have the option of informing Orange Bison what price range your assets should belong in. This way you can work out how much you will get paid for an asset in advance.

I just want to purchase some assets for my game

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