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Why Is There A Resurgence of Old Japanese Games?

If there is one thing to be said about PC gaming as a platform, it is that it offers a significant diversity of experiences to consumers. Over the past few years, Steam and GOG have continued to expand their libraries of titles beyond the cursory division of AAA / Indie titles, and have begun to scour the past to bolster their libraries, towards games which would have prior had either poor accessi...[Read More]

Identity Crisis – The Changing Face of Games

Games are big business, folks.  The video game industry, currently, makes more money annually than the movie and television industry.  We have earned the right to our own awards ceremony, media personalities, sports leagues, etc.  We have a film based on Warcraft currently making massive profits overseas.  So, we did it!  We can now (symbolically) rise from the shackles of our parents basement and...[Read More]

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