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Why Indie Games Need Their Own Streaming Service

Live streaming video games has become more and more popular over the recent years. Every day millions of people are tuning in to watch their favourite streamers play games or to watch them paint or show off other talents. These are done across multiple streaming platforms such as Twitch, Hitbox, Ustream and much more. However, after being a viewer of streams and an amateur streamer myself I have n...[Read More]

Funding and Publishing Indie Games

The UK video games market is estimated to be the 6th largest in 2015 in terms of consumer revenues, after China, US, Japan, South Korea and Germany. According to data collected by UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) which is the only trade body for the UK’s games and wider interactive entertainment industry and MCV, the leading trade news and community site for all professionals working with...[Read More]

Review of the BrightLocker Website – Crowd Publishing vs Crowd Funding

BrightLocker is a new and innovative way of directly influencing, and contributing to, the creation of Indie games. Instead of just funding a game for rewards or interest, you can be actively involved in the creative process and development cycle. Of course, funding is still a present factor but with BrightLocker, you get the power to influence the game development from start to finish. So what is...[Read More]

Why Indie Games Could be the Future of Gaming

Indie games are the hidden gems among the gaming community, these games are created from small groups of people (can even be a solo developer) and are usually not given enough credit they deserve from the effort that goes into them. That is one of the reasons why Orange Bison is here, to give you more recognition and credit for your work. So why am I writing this article you ask? Well after workin...[Read More]

Interview With Justin French: Upcoming RTS Game Failure a Possible Addition to E-sports?

How many times have you failed? Where were you? When was it? How many people did your mistake effect? What if your failure cost your friends and family everything. As our technological advances continues to grow at an exponential rate; every aspect of our lives is being stored in Cyberspace. It’s only a matter of time before our online world will become as tangible as the physical world we l...[Read More]

Knockoff Games

Image Source: A few weeks ago I received a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S7, and did what any new phone owner does: Needlessly download every free-to-play game in sight. Now, It was not long before I stumbled on a knockoff of a popular video game. I downloaded the game out of morbid curiosity, and Android being the genius operating system that it is, decided that I needed mor...[Read More]

An Interview with Martino Wullems: The Man Behind Spirit Sphere

First of all Martino thank you for taking the time to answer a few quick questions for us. We thought it would be a great idea to find out more about your unique way of developing computer games and your process for creating Spirit Sphere. 1)    You have a disability that prevents you from using a traditional keyboard and mouse anymore. Could you explain your health concerns in a little more detai...[Read More]

Top Ten Indie Game Soundtracks & Scores

Music has the ability to make us laugh, cry, and dance. So it’s no wonder that a perfectly timed song in a film, tv show, or video game can really make or break a moment. This is especially true with indie games. Unlike their triple A counterparts, the indie crowd tends to implement smaller sounds, and less of the bombastic orchestras found in series like “Battlefield” or “Elder Scrolls.” Below ar...[Read More]

Why is Pokémon GO So Popular?

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon GO, what rock have you been hiding under? So for anyone who doesn’t know, Pokemon GO is the latest Pokemon game. The aim of the game is to catch them all, just like any other Pokemon game, but you also have to take over gyms from other teams. Pokemon GO allows you to evolve Pokemon and make them stronger, this means that you can take over gyms and maintain them for ...[Read More]

Developer Interview with Trevor from Enckling – Pilgrimage of Embers

Even when dealing exclusively with indies and small studios, it’s still a rare enough thing to find a truly one man operation, that it makes you take notice when you do.  Enckling – an independent game development company based in north-east Ohio – is just such an operation. Trevor Frantz does the programming, artwork, game and level designing, music; quite an impressive list. We sat down wi...[Read More]

Believe the Hype: Expectation vs Reality in Games

If you are anything like me, you remember exactly where you were when the demo P.T. snuck into the Playstation Store.  I remember sitting in a giant chair with my leg hanging off the arm, bored and tapping away on my phone.  I found an article talking about the release of a mysterious “Playable Teaser” and immediately hopped on my Playstation 4 to find it.  This, of course, ended up being a ninja-...[Read More]

Graphical Styles in Games And How To Read Them

Of all the many challenges on the road to games development, one of the prickliest is the question of how a game should look. While the old adage tells us not to judge a book by its cover, we always do – on steam alone, the store page is filled with games vying for the attention of the consumer, and the inclination to select a game because its look matches our expectations (especially with t...[Read More]

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