Tech-Noir Tactics Game All Walls Must Fall Goes Live on Kickstarter

Independent developer, inbetweengames, (founded by ex YAGER veterans) has launched its Kickstarter campaign for tech-noir tactics game All Walls Must Fall. Scheduled for launch on PC, Mac and Linux, All Walls Must Fall combines classic turn based gameplay with a sleek cyberpunk aesthetic and a heavy emphasis on its pulsating electronic soundtrack – inspired by the likes of X-Com, Syndicate a...[Read More]

Die for Valhallaa! now Funded on Kickstarter

Thanks to community support, Die for Valhalla! – a beat ’em up arcade adventure from Polish developer Monster Couch – is now funded on Kickstarter. Die for Valhalla! is a beat ‘em up with a paranormal twist. You are a Valkyrie, a ghostly witch, sent to help Vikings save their world.  You summon heroes from Valhalla and make them hack, slash and crush. Your job is to make sure the...[Read More]

Dungeons of Zaar Preview

Competitive gaming is all the rage these days. Between Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and upcoming games like Gwent, there are plenty to choose from. However, one thing that these titles all have in common is how similar they are. Every subsequent release borrows a popular element from a previous release, and puts a slightly different spin on it. For exampl...[Read More]

Iron Tides: Eat, Sleep, Raid, Repeat – An Interview with Developers Carina Kom and Sam Raski

It’s no secret that the Vikings were one of history’s most fearsome societies. They have been described as ruthless, scary, violent … and smelly. When the Vikings arrived on foreign shores they were not signing peace treaties to say the least. Luckily in the upcoming game Iron Tides there is no need to fear the Vikings, or their odor. No, instead you get to play as the notorious Viking...[Read More]

Before there was Andrew Ryan, there was SHODAN. Before BioShock, there was System Shock.

System Shock is one gaming’s elite. Those games that managed to push the entire industry forward for one reason, or another. If Super Mario Bros was the first game to give us a real sense of progression, and games like DOOM gave us our first taste of 3D gaming with multiplayer, System Shock gave us our first dose of immersive in-game narrative. Instead of mindless action, or just a vague pre-game ...[Read More]

The Forest Beyond Launch On KickStarter!

The Forest Beyond is not just your average game production, its practically a media revolution. In an age heavily dominated by digital content, The Forest Beyond wishes to bring real craftsmanship back into the… Well.. Craft! How? By utilizing the art of stop-motion animation, meaning the whole world is built by hand, and not on a computer. Stop motion is the art of moving an object frame by...[Read More]

Graywalkers Purgatory Preview

Graywalkers is an upcoming Emergent Strategic and Tactical Turn-based 3D Role Playing Game, as defined by the developers, which is still currently in development. Essentially it is an engaging Tactical RPG with a focus on realistic RPG elements. Originally starting off with a Kickstarter Campaign, this game has already been greenlit for Steam and has a lot of support. This review is based on the C...[Read More]

Interview with Shaz Yousaf: BFF or DIE

Video gaming was built on the back of multiplayer. Even in the prehistoric days of “Pong,” two players were essential. In recent years, this has evolved into whole genres based around competitive and cooperative gameplay. However, the “couch” in couch co-op has been abandoned for online play. Split-screen gaming is going the way of the life, the password, and the cheat code; extinct. Honeytribe St...[Read More]

Developer Interview: Cosy Goat – Creator of New Sandbox Game ‘Seasteader’

Seasteader is a brand new city builder game currently in development by an equally brand new British studio named ‘Cosy Goat’. The studio is currently made up of just two people working as hard as they can to bring us a great game and from what I’ve seen of Seasteader so far it looks like they’re doing a fantastic job! I’m personally very excited to get playing the game upon release and I encourag...[Read More]

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