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Mad as a box of frogs married mummy who collects retro games, consoles and handhelds. Total Pokemon nerd, reader of Dickens and wearer of tiaras. When I'm not doing any of that I am making videos, live streaming and even dabbling in a bit of writing. Passionate about the ethos of Orange Bison. I craft nerdy things and wish I had a pet owl.

Bendy and the Ink Machine theMeatly Feature

I’ve been talking to the people over at theMeatly for a while now. Initially I was lured by their amusing cartoon strips about game development as it game me an insight in to the world of the people I engage with a lot on Twitter. I had no idea at that point that not only were they in to game development themselves, but they were just putting the finishing touches on the first chapter of the...[Read More]

The Essential Indie Game Enthusiast Present Guide

During the season of gifting madness, it’s always handy to take a step back and let someone else tell you the best buys for those nearest and dearest to you. Here is the guide to buying some really fantastic gifts for that person in your life who loves all things Indie Gaming. Maybe they are an avid gamer, marketer or even a developer themselves? You will probably find something for them here! 1) ...[Read More]

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Lonely Sun – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand Review

Even just loading Lonely Sun leaves you with a good feeling. It’s just so pretty. The gentle JJ Abrams style solar flare, the geometric yet beautiful objects and the use of tone to give a feeling of texture and depth. Lonely Sun is set in the cold lonely depths of space where solar systems exist without the warm fuzzy glow (or gaseous burning fire) of their very own sun. The object of the game is ...[Read More]



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Lonely Sun – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand

Explore gravity in the furthest reaches of space and become the creator of your very own solar system.

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A simple, chilled out and very addictive farming simulator with the bonus of cute critters.



Plantera Review

My attention span isn’t the best in the world. I do find that if something hasn’t captured my attention within ten minutes, I am usually off procrastinating or raiding the fridge. I was therefore rather apprehensive when Plantera was up for a review. I like simulation games for sure but it all looked a bit…well cute. Too cute? Perhaps not in every case. Mercifully, the game is ni...[Read More]

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