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Founder and Editor in Chief of I created Orange Bison to help promote indie games and small game studios. I feel they don't get the coverage they deserve. When I am not playing games I enjoy trying new things. Anyone up for parachuting from a hot air balloon?

Orange Bison is looking for new reviewers

Orange Bison is looking for new talent! We have some open positions for game reviews & news. What games do we review? At Orange Bison we review and cover indie games only. If it’s Indie then we want to hear about it! How do we compensate our writers? Orange Bison has been around now for over a year! We have made great progress in that time and are now in the process of monetising the pla...[Read More]

Rocket Riot now on Steam and Windows 10!

After a great partnership with Microsoft, Codeglue received a surprising email one day proclaiming the independence of Rocket Riot. The studio was free to publish the game themselves! Once the studio found the time to further develop the game, they made sure the game was compatible for Windows 10 devices (phone and PC), this in addition to the earlier releases on Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone and Windows...[Read More]

Nom Nom, a brand new addictive arcade from Eipix Entertainment

Game developer Eipix Entertainment has added another title to its roster of independently published games and continued its ambitious release schedule with the release of Nom Nom. The company’s second self-published game is a free-to-play endless arcade “muncher” that will show you that you truly can eat your way out of anything. The game is already available on the iTunes app store, with Android ...[Read More]

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Scare The Princess Episode 8 – Skelattack Part 2

Princess plays Skelattack once again. Improvements have been made since the first play. Check it out.

The Forest Beyond Launch On KickStarter!

The Forest Beyond is not just your average game production, its practically a media revolution. In an age heavily dominated by digital content, The Forest Beyond wishes to bring real craftsmanship back into the… Well.. Craft! How? By utilizing the art of stop-motion animation, meaning the whole world is built by hand, and not on a computer. Stop motion is the art of moving an object frame by...[Read More]

Hoppy Land: Eipix Entertainment’s First Self-Published Game

Eipix Entertainment, a game development company renowned for its hidden object puzzle adventure games developed for Big Fish Games, has entered the new stage of its operations with the release of its first independently published game on August 31, 2016. The company’s first self-published game is Hoppy Land, a free-to-play endless arcade hopper guaranteed to keep you occupied for as long as you’re...[Read More]

Scare The Princess Episode 7 – Skelattack

World exclusive first peak at Skelattack! A puzzle platformer with a twist!

Scare The Princess Episode 6 – Among the Sleep Part 3

The last in the series of Among the Sleep! Will Princess finish the game? Don’t forget to watch the Princess every Friday night at 8PM GMT for more horror games!

Scare The Princess Episode 5 – Among The Sleep Part 2

The Princess plays Among the Sleep once more to try and complete it. Can she do it? Does she scream? Find out in this weeks episode! Don’t forget to join us every Friday night at 8PM GMT on Twitch.

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Scare The Princess Episode 4 – Among the Sleep Part 1

We all enjoyed this game so much this week that we will be playing it further in next weeks episode. So make sure you join us on August 6th at 8PM GMT. Join us on twitch.

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